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03 March 2009, 12:49 PM
Hi All,
My first time in the challenge. Was thinking of 2D but really trying to broaden my skills, so a comp. with a deadline is the best way I guess!
Im going with the Demon class, although im not sure which one yet.. below are some concepts to get me going. Let me know which ones you prefer...would help!
I have been looking at a lot of James Gleeson and Wayne Barlowes "Inferno" for inspiration.
So let me know what you think, and will continue ranting as the comp goes on (probably more swearing at difficult 3D progs!)
GO TEAM CG NETWORK! bllalaahgghghhgh! demmonnsssbllaaghghh!
the headless rider. the demonlord
another demonlord, not as cool
abomination, digging this one
demonlord...somesorta spider woman crab thing?
demond prince.. did i say i wasnt going to do horns? hmm
not so sure about the hooves. demond prince? lord? who knows

03 March 2009, 11:08 AM
Some new updates.
Would have liked to have my design done by now, but real world work is busy busy.
Oh well.

My concept has developed to be a demond lord, beast and rider, but I want to create a bit of ambiguity about which is which.

The first sketch here was a concept for the rider, or a Demon prince, but he was way too subtle, and too humanoid. I still like it as a sketch though.

These next two are where my thinking has taken me.
The beast and rider are now a mix between man and beast, with the rider veiled, as in one of my earlier concepts. I plan the two to seem merged together, the riders cloak stretched skin of the beast. The rider is blinded by the veil, and has no seeable arms so we can assume that maybe the beast is controlling him. Whichever way, I seem to be now onto a character which I can develop more. I want to build up some more sketches over the next two days and get a base mesh done by the end of weekend, so I can start sculpting.

Here is the beast and rider.

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03 March 2009, 11:08 AM
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