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07 July 2003, 06:19 AM
Hi all,

Starship II is a feature-length sci-fi comedy starring, among others, John Astin (The original Gomez Addams from the Addams Family), Jason Carter and Richard Biggs (From Babylon 5) and Richard Hatch (Of Battlestar Galactica). The live action was shot in August 2001 on DV, and post production has moved steadily forward since, albeit slowly. Now we are on our last push to knock out the remaining CG work and tie it together for the festival circuit and possible distribution.

Our current needs fall into a few categories:

1) Spacecraft. Lots and lots of spacecraft. The primary ship of the movie is below... and certainly nothing else needs to be quite so detailed. If you have original ships, of any resolution sitting around, they can be of use. There are also some key space craft, structures and and space platforms that need to be built and/or detailed.

2) Buildings. The Ramses Colony is is seen frequently in the film. It is a cross between Coruscant and Club med, with an egyptian flair. Very clean, lots of glass... resort like but busy. The colony is at the foot of a giant pyramid on the edge of a cliff and extends for miles in 3 directions. The terrain for the colony also needs to be built and detailed.

3) Effects work. There is an ice field, an exploding planet, light character work/crowd scenes, time machine effects, futuristic computer interfaces... any heavy Afterburn artists out there would be welcome. Modelers, Detailers, Lighting folks and animators are all welcome.

There are, of course, other projects that can be worked on, both large and small. It requires some creativity. Pre-production on Starship II yeilded very few storyboards... so there isn't a great deal of imagery to work from. In large part, the vision of the CG work is being developed as the props are built. Someone with vision could have a big imact on the look and feel of the film.

The final renders will be in Max... but Maya modelers are welcome all the same... conversions-r-us.

Over 120 souls have worked on the live action portion of Starship II in some form or another. We're in it for the portfolio work... keeping our fingers crossed for some kind of distribution if possible. This movie stands a much stronger chance of getting distribution than most other collaborative works you will ever work on. Having some real actors in the cast is a big plus that most simply don't have. It's a good place to show off your talent and get some name exposure.

So... if you want more info, have questions, or for any other reason wish to make contact, email Jeff Ello at

There is a rough Trailer at (

Below is an in-process model of the Zep'Lin... Not finished, but getting close.

Here's one of the scenes we're matching -

07 July 2003, 12:52 PM
hi jello3d
i'm interested in texturing ships for you, though i don't have much specific experience (graphic designer, expert in photoshop) i would like to have a go. perhaps if you could give me unwrapped ship i could do a sample for you?

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