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03-19-2009, 03:49 AM
Here is the concept for my entry. His name is Gaius and he is a norm invoker.
Let's win this one for CGS!!:thumbsup:

03-20-2009, 11:15 AM
Hey! I'd like to see you relaxe some more and let loose instead of doing turnarounds to begin.. Right now it looks ok but its nothing spectacular yet, he looks like a regular townsman, try to show wy he's special, convince us. Experiment some and let yourself be creative with it. looking forward to the progress! Keep it up..


03-24-2009, 03:47 AM
FrozZT: Thanks for the comment! I agree my concept is a bit stiff. I gave it a few more tries and the only thing I really came up with was this head concept but it's still very plain.

03-24-2009, 03:49 AM
So I Have decided to jump and start the 3D part and here is what I have so far.

Crits and Comments please!!

03-24-2009, 04:56 AM
He is a bit on the common side atm, but maybe the guy isn't so eyecatching himself, but his power are...? For me, his name and element call for something more elder, mystical and ceremoniuos. I think he would look better in a robe (keeping the collar) and showing some wicked earth powers, like levitating huge rocks with little effort. Just some thoughts...
Cheers and good luck mate.

03-24-2009, 01:43 PM
GaeasHerald: Yeah he is pretty common and I had the same thought of him being surrounded by levitating chunks of earth wherever he goes. I'll try out giving him a cape and see if I like it. Thanks for the C&C

03-25-2009, 05:50 AM
not much of an update. I tried out adding the cape and I like it. Let me know what you guys think.

03-26-2009, 03:43 AM

03-26-2009, 08:46 AM
Wow! A full 3D model already! Nice work Stutts. You are way ahead of the game. :)

03-27-2009, 02:40 AM
I think adding a bit more curviture to the spine would help your character enormously - right now he's stiff and straight... I know it's just a t-pose but a more relaxed, natural stance makes a big difference. ... keep going

03-27-2009, 06:11 AM
Intervain- I'll definitely do that, you're right he is pretty stiff right now. Thanks!

03-27-2009, 11:58 AM
small update started to detail boots, since those are the only part that I am sure of how I want them to look. I will adjust his posture tonight

03-27-2009, 01:13 PM
Like the boot details. Can't wait to see more. The cape does provide a unique look. What if you went all crazy with the cape like spawn?

03-27-2009, 01:35 PM
I'll think about doing something more elaborate with the cape, I wasn't real certain what to do with the cape.

03-27-2009, 02:18 PM
Nice boot!:thumbsup:
I can't wait your cape's detail.

03-27-2009, 10:30 PM
Cool stuff, you really have made some nice progress already! some quick comments:

- he's got slumped shoulders right now, I'd broaden up those shoulders, and use that cape to beef him up a bit!
- His crotch area looks odd, look up some reference to see how pants like these fall, like army pants or something
- I like y our work on the boots, but think in terms of readability when adding details. You added alot of tiny straps n stuff, which blend in when looking at the boot from a distance. Instead, try adding some thicker, bigger straps, that when zoomed out, are still visible from a distance.
- Try to add some a-symetry into your character, it'll look more dynamic. E.g. the cape from the back can only be a piece of cloth that hangs to the right.
- His head looks too small now, I'd make it a tad bigger?
- More character to his face would also be cool. Maybe give him floppy ears, and put his jaw a bit to 1 side...but that's ofcourse something you might want to do after rigging :)
- Also, making the character hunch forward a bit and lowering his head would add alot to his posture aswell.

Looking at your model makes me want to start modeling aswell man, so keep up the good work, looking forward to the updates!


03-28-2009, 12:07 AM
Hey Joshua,

Really cool concept, and great models so far! :D like a lot! Agree with Magdalena and Edwin suggestions (The asymmetric suggestion is really wise, you can try some different devices for one arm, two different boots, dont know :D) Again, great work and waiting for more updates!! Cheers!! :beer:

03-28-2009, 05:07 AM
working on remodeling the upper body with adjusted proportion I will also be thinking about ways to break up the symmetry. will post updates soon

thanks for all the great feedback

03-31-2009, 06:08 AM
Here are the new proportions. I still need to break up symmetry for Gaius, he still looks pretty generic (I didn't have a real productive weekend) I like the new size alot better the last model looked sort of like a sickly old man.

03-31-2009, 06:10 AM
I also did a paint over for the cape and the chest armor. I hope to start with the cape and armor soon

03-31-2009, 06:50 AM
Im not really digging the cape or armor, i think you need to black out a silhouette of your model, and just start adding crazy lines until you see some shapes that are more interested (right now the silhouette is pretty bland) once you find a great looking shape you can concept from there, just a suggestion

03-31-2009, 07:34 AM
Since he is an invoker and his powers are something related to earth, i think you can put some earthly elements to his costume, agree with others.. he looks more like a regular military guy
what i suggest is that you think about his description more, something like what is his background, what does his powers do etc.. then you will have much more clear picture as to how to proceed, btw i liked the details on his boot.. waiting for more updates

04-01-2009, 03:47 AM
so here is Gaius' back story:

When Gaius was a child, there was huge battle between norms and demons. The norms had to retreat back to CG Society's city which was fortified behind a giant wall anointed with spirit of the Earth. Gaius was waiting for his father to return from the battle, and that is when the demons attacked the city and blasted through one of the city walls Gaius was to close to the explosion to escape and suffered severe injuries. The left side of his body was perforated with shrapnel from the magical wall, when he healed the stone fused to his bones and he adopted the power of the stones.

Now Gaius is the protector of the city wall, because it is a part of him.

The shrapnel protruding from his body he can now control and can use it to sheild himself. It grows out of him on command. He also can grow the stone from these peices to repair damage mad to the wall.

That is the rough story of Gaius. let me know what you guys think.

04-01-2009, 03:47 AM
Here is a paint over I made to try and illustrate more of the shrapnel. Also added some hair just to see what it might look like. C&C Please.

04-01-2009, 04:12 AM
I like the story, and the shrapnel idea, that is really cool... maybe you can use those pieces to enhance your silhouette, keep working!

04-01-2009, 05:38 AM
Hey Joshua,

Cool updates, the boots looks really great! Like the cape for your character, that can be a really cool touch on the concept! :D Cheers!! and waiting for more updates!! :beer:

04-01-2009, 05:52 AM
added some of the things from the paint over. they are all still rough just wanted to get an idea of what they might look like

04-02-2009, 03:56 AM
started doing some work on the head.

04-02-2009, 04:03 PM
HEY MAN! how's the snow up there? :D
I had no idea you were around here until I saw your post in the Voltron thread!
This is looking really good, and cool background story:thumbsup:

04-02-2009, 04:54 PM
the snow is finally melting!
I haven't really posted anything here until this dominance war.
Thanks for stoppin by!

04-02-2009, 05:02 PM
nice work so far. I like the hair on the last pic.

04-03-2009, 06:19 AM

04-03-2009, 06:19 AM

04-07-2009, 05:45 AM
Started on chest armor and added some more scaring. C&C most welcome

04-07-2009, 06:12 AM
Nice improvement..The forearm seems to be modeled in a weird curve, and the feet seems to be a bit small. Some minor tweaks to the base anatomy might improve this model a lot more.

04-08-2009, 05:57 AM
started on the pants, also some more close ups of the scaring since the updates for yesterday sucked C&C most welcome

04-08-2009, 08:11 PM
neat work :)
this may eventually help you out:

this isn't prosthetic is a genetic disease but looks very close to your concept!
another thing, watch the wrist and as Intervain told you before, having a propagation of 45' angles on those joints would very simply and effectively make it feel less stiff and would give it some weight! in case throw it in transpose master and have fun with the pose, since the pose affects greatly the overall sculpt.
have fun and keep it up!

04-08-2009, 08:53 PM
Stefano thanks for stopping by man.:thumbsup: I was actually kind of thinking of the tree guy when I had the idea for the rocks growing out of my character. I think I will try throwing him into Transpose master because i am start to get bored with him, and maybe that will get me back into the war.

04-09-2009, 03:53 AM
Good progress Joshua. My only critique is that his hair looks like a character from dragonball, but thats just a matter of taste.
Keep it coming m8!

04-10-2009, 05:19 AM
Gaeas-yeah the hair isn't finished or close to finished yet, although it may still end up looking like DBZ hair :D. So here is my update more work on the pants and armor minor tweaks mostly. worked on the cape, next update will probably be adjustments to the boots.

C&C Always Welcome!

04-11-2009, 06:08 AM
added a belt and added some more to the boots

04-11-2009, 06:12 AM
here's a close up of the belt

04-11-2009, 06:14 AM
thinking about redoing the chest armor it just.... well I think it sucks so I might redesign that and I still need to rework the hair after that I think I will move on the low res mesh and the textures

04-11-2009, 08:37 AM
good work

Keep it up

04-14-2009, 06:03 AM
hi Yone thanks!

So I remodeled the chest armor, I really like the new armor over the old

04-14-2009, 06:04 AM

04-14-2009, 08:57 PM
yeah I am going to have to find a new way to incorporate the CGS logo

04-14-2009, 08:57 PM
the new armor is very nice.. although i did like the dw logo on the first draft too..

04-15-2009, 01:01 AM
nice work so far stutts!...I like the expression too!...reminds me of Stallone for some reason! details overall...

04-15-2009, 06:29 AM
thanks johnwoo glad you like it. your entry is looking really good to I love the proportions on her.

here is tonights update reworked the hair I am pretty happy with it and I think it's going to stay how it is. Also added another part ot the chest armor where the CGS logo will go.

04-15-2009, 06:30 AM

04-15-2009, 08:38 AM
looks really cool so far, the fce is stllones and the outfit is Tetsuo's from akira haha

04-15-2009, 01:55 PM
Ghostesper: Glad you like it. I didn't notice the connection between Tetsuo and my character , I have only seen Akira once and it was a few years ago.

04-16-2009, 12:19 AM
Great idea with the face and arm, i have commented on how i enjoy asymmetry in characters before, especially when it works this well.
This design has come a long way and looks really great,
ill keep an eye out for some more!

04-16-2009, 02:08 AM
Curtis Thanks man glad you like it! I agree with you on asymmetrical characters!
there won't be anymore updates until Monday at the earliest. be out of town. but there is a little more work to do on the hi res and then I'll start on the low poly and also his weapon.

04-16-2009, 03:47 AM
Hey, nice character you have going on, I like the detail that was put into the armor. My crits are: the legs are too short (check your proportions), and the arms look broken at the elbow, that angle is impossible to achieve without dislocating one's elbow. If you turn the biceps outward, it would make more sense. Put yourself into the pose you want your character in, it will help tremendously.

04-16-2009, 03:17 PM
This guy is looking pretty good, lots of detail. Can't wait to some textures on this.

Keep up the good work!!

04-21-2009, 05:18 AM
jushra: Glad you like the armor. I agree about the legs after looking at it again they are just a little short so I have adjusted that. I also adjusted the arms. Thanks a lot for the crit:thumbsup:.

JRBarton: Thanks man! I can't wait to get on to the textures!:beer:

so here is my up date not much just the proportion changes and I added some bandages to the right arm. I will be starting on the lowpoly and UV's next...

04-22-2009, 06:35 AM
small update, just added his sword still needs a little more work but I am happy with it

C&C very welcome

04-22-2009, 06:44 AM
The sword has come out very well...One thing I feel though is that the blade is very straight.tapering it towards the top or bottom might make it look even better

04-22-2009, 08:55 AM
this is looking really cool. The hi res mesh is nicely detailed. I was a bit concerned that he wasnt too foreboding at first but the weapon has beefed him up. Good luck. It's looking good!

04-22-2009, 02:04 PM
vikramvr: thanks. as far as tapering the blade I think I am going to leave it the it is, that is kind of the look I was going for, but thanks for the suggestion.

domclubb: thanks I think it adds a lot to him as well

04-22-2009, 07:18 PM
thanks for the comments :)
the weapon looks nice.. i really like the detail on the edge of the blade.
the guy is also cool looking.. i like the stuff coming from his flesh..
i was first wondering about doing something similar with ice but had not enough skill :)

04-22-2009, 07:32 PM
Thanks b1s. I don't know if I would call it skill, I just tried the idea out and did what I could to make it work. but I am glad you like it.

04-23-2009, 02:46 AM
I reaaally like that sword design, it's unusual but it fits your character perfectly. I hadn't realised before, but he looks a bit like Stallone.:thumbsup:

04-23-2009, 06:24 PM
hey man , nice work , but the arm from the front view is bent in a very weird way , i mean the elbow , should be more straight from the front , but great job , keep it up :cool:

05-01-2009, 06:16 AM
Thanks GaeasHerald and artistcg! It's been a while since I have updated, I fixed the arms I think they look a lot better. and I have finished the low poly and the unwrap. so I will start texture baking tomorrow.

Here is the last version of the hi poly.

and here is the lowpoly

and here is the unwrap

as usual crits and comments are welcome

05-01-2009, 11:47 PM
Great work man!!! It's amazing how it evolved from the first sketches, I love the "Stallone" look you gave him and his infected left arm looks great, it immediately gets you wondering what happened to him.


05-02-2009, 12:34 AM
Hey man! :)
Thats badass! I definately dig the modeling of the chest plate and boots! I dont know if your done texturing yet? I think you could add some texture/material to the stone/horn things sticking out from his arms head, the dont look very alive and could merge together better with the arm.. The only big thing about the modeling that stands out is the pants, they dont fall very naturally, i dont know, maybe its to much work to mention it this late :/.. Same thing with the tears and the fabric of the mantle. I think the arm looks great actually, especially by the shoulder, i guess thats wy the horns look dead, becouse you've done the shoulder quite well. Other than the horns i think you could push his equipments textures a bit further, maybe create some randomness to them, becouse right now they look even all over. Make it look more worn maybe.. I dunno.. The expression on his face is just so badass :p.. Looks ready to whoop some! Keep pushing it! All the way to the finishline!! ;)


05-03-2009, 06:38 PM
Thanks Silkcats!

Thanks FrozZT! I have only started on the texturing so there will definitley be a lot more put into the rocks on his shoulders and face and his gear will definitely be war torn than they are now. I agree with the pants but I think they are going to stay as they are right now unless I get the time to go back and rework them before the deadline. The tears in the cape will be done better with the alpha map, I haven't been terribly happy with how the tears were either. I should have some more updates soon though I am baking my normal maps this weekend and will definitely start more on the textures.

thanks for the support! and good luck to everyone on the final stretch! :beer:

05-04-2009, 05:25 AM
Started on the textures, crits and comments are welcome.

05-04-2009, 10:17 AM
Hey Stuts!! The Textures are going great!! I just notices two little details that I think can be better.

One is the silhouette of the scarf, cape and the top of his head in the back view, I think they are too squared and you loose the illusion of the high poly model, maybe you can still add some edges there or just adjusting the actual verts may help...

The other thing is the cape, I think is too damaged in comparison of the rest of his clothes which are very clean so it doesn't make much sense and the last little detail is the angle of his cape at the end, since it doesn't go completely perpendicular to the floor it looks like it's a rigid material and not a cape.

Well that was it, no big deal the model is really great so keep up!!

05-04-2009, 02:08 PM
Silkcats I see what you mean about the cape I'll keep working on it but I am also going to texture the others clothing and gear to be more worn so maybe I can find a happy medium between the two. I think I am going to try and rework the pants tonight like FrozZt had suggested I hadn't really noticed how awkward the pants looked before and now it is all I can focus on with the model so hopefully I will update the sculpt with new pants tonight.

05-05-2009, 05:25 AM
so here is the update on the hi poly with new pants

and here is a little update on the textures

05-06-2009, 03:59 AM

Next update will include texturing for the sword and rock shrapnel

05-10-2009, 04:44 AM

C&C are more than welcome

next update should be the pose

05-11-2009, 04:35 PM
Hey Stutts! Man you did a great job with the textures! Is this the final one?


05-11-2009, 04:35 PM
Silkcats: thanks man! yeah I am pretty happy with how it is now so, I think it is the final textures. I might go over them again before the finish though. I'll just have to wait and see what kind of time I have left. Next step will be the cool action pose, well I don't about cool but he will get posed:D.

05-12-2009, 10:29 AM
really nice texturing work there.
Waiting for your final pic.
Good job!

05-12-2009, 08:22 PM
Hey Stutts,
he's got attitude and character I like that. That reads well on his face and yes, great texture work too. If its not too late, i would tweak the forearms. They just seem a bit off.
Otherwise looking goody.

DWIV - 3D - snk - fuel (

05-13-2009, 12:10 AM
hey im happy i found this one..looking pretty cool man!..
texturing is looking nice, i have just a couple issues here
1.. the nails doesnt seem to be there, at least in this monitor of mine wich is deceiving some times i think some color variation there could help..but its maybe my monitor so im not so sure

2.- the bandage on his right arm , (bicep)looks so flat, maybe some normal map increased there.
cant wait for the pose man . :wavey:

05-13-2009, 05:34 AM
Charles: Thanks glad you like it I can't wait to see the final as well :)

snk: thanks dude. I am going to leave him as he is now but thanks for the crit I know the forearms could use some more work

rattlesnake: your monitors fine I didn't spend alot of time on the hands mostly because I didn't think anyone would notice :). but since you have noticed it I added a little extra color to the nails but you can't really see it in this update. and for the bandages I have a few more poly's to use so I'll just add a few to pop the bandages out a little.

so here is the update with the pose. let me know what you think. comments and crits are welcome.

05-16-2009, 08:22 PM
So here are the final images. Let me know what you think.

Beauty Shot:






05-16-2009, 08:44 PM
Hey Joshua,

Really great work! Congrats on your finish!! :D

Like a lot the textures on your model, the leather armor for the chest is really great. The sword design and the cape are a cool touches on your concept, like a lot. The expression for your character works really well. Again, great work and the best of luck!! Time for tequila!! Cheers!! :beer:

05-16-2009, 09:45 PM
Nice work! Way to finish with a couple of days to spare. :)

05-17-2009, 02:50 AM
hey man, first of all, congratulations on finish with this good results.

i think your textures are very good, and the final position of camera and pose are really cool too!

my best wishes sir!:arteest:

05-17-2009, 07:00 PM
Excellent!..glad to see ya finished up in time!'s all come together real well and a solid entry at that too....good job....

05-18-2009, 12:15 PM
Ferx: Thanks man! I am glad you like it!

Synectikos: Thanks! Yeah me too

rattlesnake: Thanks man! and best of luck to you too!

johnwoo: Yeah I am glad I made the finish as well! and glad you think it's a solid entry, yours is pretty wicked as well, thanks

and thanks to everyone who gave any crits and comments.

05-18-2009, 12:47 PM
Hey Stutts! Great entry man!! It's been a pleasure to meet you I and wish you the best luck!!


05-18-2009, 04:21 PM
I love the design of the cape. A very solid entry. The pose of the character is spot on. My only concern is that you you've miss labeled your characters type. You have him listed as a Norm Invoker but he carry's a sword which to me means Warlord. Invokers harvest powerful magic and can manipulate it. What does everyone else think?

05-18-2009, 05:28 PM
Well done Joshua, this guy is fantastic! Team Society is proud of U!

05-19-2009, 12:29 AM
hey Stutts grats on completing an awesome entry:) ! best of luck mate


05-19-2009, 02:29 AM
I missed here!
Your final are really good! Nice job man.:beer:

05-19-2009, 01:32 PM
Silkcats- Thanks man! same here and best of luck to you too!

Obmoc- Glad you like it and thanks for your concern but he invokes his powers through the shrapnel coming out of his body so I stand by him being an invoker.

GaeasHerald- thanks man! I am glad to that others think it turned out so well.

ihamid- Thanks! best of luck to you too!

Yin-Shiuan- Thanks man!

05-20-2009, 08:30 PM
good stuff Stutts. great model and presentation.

05-22-2009, 01:35 AM
farazmobin- thanks man

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