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07 July 2003, 01:12 AM
WIth the vector renderer in maya 5 is there anyway to specify if a piece of geometry has outlines rendered on it or not.

the reason being i have some geometry on a plane and i want the plane rendered for reflections but i dont want the outline of it rendered as a line in the distance. I only want the outline on the geometry that is on top of the plane.

Is there a way to do this ? I have tried playing with clipping planes but this doesnt work.

thanks in advance

07 July 2003, 01:30 AM
Uncheck primary visibility on the plane?
It would still be seen in the reflections

07 July 2003, 06:27 AM
so do you want the actual plane to have outlines? but in the reflection you dont want outlines? that is a composting problem. if its polygons if you select a edge go to normals soften harden turn the edge to a hard value, then it will render. you could do it that way. but im just confused on what your trying to do.

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