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03 March 2009, 10:03 PM
Well i had a bit of time tonight so i wanted to create a narrative for my character. Sorry about the typos, I did read through it once or twice but I can be terrible.

As a man he was a Bard that travelled on a pirate ship, he would entertain the crew with his Violin. He would tell tales and raise the spirits of everyone around him. Many ships would be ruled by tireless thundering drum beat, not this ship though it was driven by the rhythm of a genius commanding their movements with his bow. As the ship would dock from port to port throughout the 7 seas, the Bard of course would attract many woman. He would woo them with tales of heroism, never shortening his tales but always expanding on the experiences he had with his fearless crew.

The Bard became fond of one woman who he met upon docking in a small fishing village, never had he seen a maiden with such beauty. The Fates would submerge them in a mass of fire and fantasy that entangled them in matrimony. It would be 14 long months from the day the ship sets sail before the bards boots would imprint upon the land again.

He arrives back, malnourished, worn, and broken by the seas. He grows sentimental as the sights and smells of the living engulf him. He walks for 2 miles to a small shack just outside of town , shudders and sparks of excitement help him carve his way through the thickets navigating his way to the front door. He enters the house to find his wife in the arms of another. Not knowing reason, no planning for this moment, adrenaline strikes the spine, throats are garrotted, hearts are torn to sunder.

He leaves the port to never set foot on land again, though his impression on the world has just began. The ship sales for days with the heavens unforgiving, the crew are uneasy its nights like this that lesser men find their end. The storm roles on like an orchestra with cymbals crashing, "the tides against us lads" the captain cries as the ship bellows and arches into the maelstrom. The waters devour the ship, it spares none, nature knows no mercy as all sink to bottom of the sea; all bar one.

The bard wakes to find himself in the dark blue swirl, his thoughts becoming a blur until his lungs give in. A dark figure stands before him a giant of a man covered in barnacles and seaweed. "Hello my name is Poseidon, the ruler of the ocean. If you may play me one of your melodies then I shall give you eternal life". The bard Unsure reaches for his violin, each string strays and brakes as his hands and heart murders each note. "Such talent and life wasted young bard your life is full of sorrow. I shall bestow you with immortality but under the condition that you devote yourself to my whim. Bard you shall become a siren luring the sailors of this land to their watery graves, you shall have your fame and be known throughout all the seas. Though your life may be troubled you do not deserve to hear your own sorrow so I forbid you to ever listen to the tides". With that Poseidon plucked the bards ears from his skull.

The bards violin carved from the oldest tree known to man remains untouched by the blistering seas. He intern has become a demon of his former being each decade growing more and more encrusted with his sorrow. Poseidon granted him the title of being the prince of the sirens his melodies are like lucid poison that rots the minds of those that venture too close to his sunken chorus.

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03 March 2009, 10:03 PM
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