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03 March 2009, 05:17 PM
Okay. Well, this is my first time I at all post in here, so fosho. I did, in fact, start on a DW project a while ago, but sort of... lost interest for a few weeks. But now I'm back on track, though I'll be off for a week at once on vacation. But planning to finish it, anyhow. A three-week race it'll be, heh.

04 April 2009, 08:43 PM

Ftang, I'm back in business. Did some quick, ugleh sketches a while ago, sort of ran out of motivation, and now, with about just half the time left, I've regained my senses. So. I'm back.

For now, the character itself does seem rather human-y; I don't want to deviate too much from the human form, though I think some future tests might feature some extra joints and whatnot. I look at balet and wushu-stances of all sorts; I want this thing to be in motion, very active, very... well, slender, sort of. The first one I drew now (to the left) had just cloth of all sorts attached to her; then I took a peek at some Apocalypto mayans and... well. Threw in a ton of details. Is it too much, d'you think?

I'm planning on drawing another picture or two of about this level of detail - I want to try out a few extra joints in the legs or so on the character, plus make her sort of look more like a moving dreamcatcher - and then crunch down on those thumbnail thingies. Never really done anything of that kind, which might be the reason I'm pushing it back. Will be going on a vacation now anyhoo, but hope to come back with a bunch of progress to show off. Will, no doubt, get crunchy to get this done in the level of detail (maxed out) I want to hand in.

But, hee hee, no fun if it aint a challenge, is it? Anyhow, guess this post won't appear till some moderator's approved it. Toodles.

04 April 2009, 02:06 PM
Another wee pose-picture, just for fun. Or, well, I was gonna give her more joints in her legs and arms, but it just didn't turn out well. So it basically became a repetition of my last version, only with more details and with less... snazz.

As you notice, I'm going for a rather... well... earth-ish feel. Maya, native american, indian... well... that sort of stuff I try to look at. Seashells, precious stones, feathers, bracelets abound, pearls, odd stone tablets... well. I also think about animal aspects. Maybe I'll make her more... tiger-y. Or hawk-y.

Also: how do you change the name of the thread? I looked around a bit, but haven't managed. Oh well. It's a Norm Stalker, most likely.

Edit: odd, my second post in this thread seems to have been lost. Well, didn't say much save posting the picture with two versions in it, plus pointing out that "I'm back" after having lost interest way back when the challenge began. But now it's back. Only, I'm off for a vacation for a week. So I'll be doing the grunt work during a three-week period; sounds fuuun! So I'll most likely very quickly settle for a look. I'll be sketching thumbnails during the vacation, and when I come back, I plan to refine a few of them, then pick one of the thumbnails and work it into one of them front-perspective pictures which need to be handed in. Perhaps I'll have two weeks for the final painting. Oh, I ramble.

04 April 2009, 04:49 PM
I'm digging the maya feel. Very detailed character bro! This is a very culture-feelish character, that great. That's very original and different.

Keep it up, I would like to see the ornament designs that's all over bodies.

04 April 2009, 11:39 PM
Well, back from vacation, and hupp, did some tinkering. Dunno, don't really feel I went forward all that much, just side-steppin' here and there a bit. Zeal's ran out of me by now, though - getting a wee bit late. Been interesting, in that I finally managed to at least somwhat master thumbnail-making, or at the very least, make more thumbnaily things than I usually do. This came at the expense of me pretty much just picking a human character and doodling odd ornaments onto it, which I was fine with until just recently, when I started having doubts.

'Neehow, as for thoughts on the picture and me progressin'. I could expand #6 into a proper Invoker, as the thread implies, and thus save me the bother of figuring out how to change the thread's name. The harvestin' of magic would be... well, she's a big bloody dreamcatcher, is what she is. 2, I think, or at least right now, is my first-in-line for the Stalker front - a sorta... persian-y feel is what I get from it.

Also, I'm thinking she'll be black-skinned, with sort of... like... or, maybe, in any case - poisonous-feeling orange markings/tattoos all over her.

04 April 2009, 11:57 PM
nice work bro! :thumbsup: even as loose as it is, there is so much identity and style, all I can say is don't loose interest again cuz it will be to late and that would be a bitty, it looks like you-ll come up with something truly unique :arteest:

04 April 2009, 10:30 PM
Cheerios to the comments, by the by! Oh, I'm an awful poster beyond me own thread. (And not much have happened in here, either! Hee hee)

Anyhow, I've not really... well, not much to show for tonight's work, but I felt like sharing, because tonight's not been about workin', but explorin' - I've been introduced to Alchemy! And woah, it's like wheei and whoo and fshnoo... well. 'T'was interesting. Imagine having Alchemy to doodle in instead of math books and the like...

Anyhow, towards the end of my exploring, I produced something vaguely in shape with what I'm working with here. I think of it as a back view, with the body proper absent. So all that stuff in the picture would be ornaments and... stuff. With some tinkering on it, and some fusion 'tween the ole #7 and #2... yes, I think this will do. I am, after all, not really in it for a long big concept-phase - I want to have the look set in stone by the end of the week so I can get into the fun part of making the big cool poster picture. If I go more Maya-nny, I've got something in my head about a jungle and a cliff, a chopper and this wee girl flinging her magic scarves at said chopper. But then again, I'm still pondering a more dreamcatchy-indian feel, or some more organicish butterfly feel, or the persian-bedouin (sorry, but Middle Eastern pretty much covers half of Africa and Asia to me)... ooor something with... bones in it... or a Norse feel to it all. Ah, jidders.

04 April 2009, 09:38 PM
keep the juices flowing my friend, push that imagination and why not go for a fusion, something nobody can nab and say yeah thats this or the other, but has an interesting mix of things that look good together. it will be hard to not make it look like a witch doctor salad but I think you can pull it off. all the best and big hug bro, chau :D

04 April 2009, 10:18 PM
Well, one more picture. This one grew up pretty organically, sorta, ignoring (mostly) the leafmonster (lovely term) I last showed. Things on this side have gotten a bit more, oh, heated up, but I still figure that I oughta be able to output a decent final picture. To do so, though, I'll quit this endless this-or-that thinking and just go with the flow - my own flow, that is. Though it's true, as was pointed out to me, that she certainly is rather... cluttered. In need of some... y'know. Relaxing, clear space. I'll aim at making up some modeling sheet tomorrow, and then do the part I really wanted to do - the final picture. Bugger the means; it's the end that matters. Leastways in my book, heh!

Anyhow, I've sort of... gone for a more, mmh... rope-y feel here, and I think I'll stick to that. It's possible that her legs will get more and more scaled - fishy, or snake-y - as they reach the feet, and that her arms will progressively become more... oh, like, leopard-furred. Admittably, I've decided that I no longer reeeaaally care for coming up with a cool concept - focusing instead on a beautiful artwork to present my rather ordinary gal clad in ropes and sundry strange garments - but hey, a wee twist to it can't hurt, can it? Fur and scales, then, perhaps, plus some feathers up top, no?

Oh right, the picture.

04 April 2009, 10:36 PM
I like the last one. The ropes are a nice touch. If you really want a challenge you could tattoo her with ropes that wind over her body before becoming real ropes that strangle her enemies.

04 April 2009, 11:53 PM
Hey! :)

Kewl stuff! I definately dig your concept and the last one gives the best presentation of it so far i think. The previous ones were kinda like christmas trees :p.. Keep developing this and it'll be great! ;) Lycka till me slutspurten!


05 May 2009, 12:06 AM
Kämpa kämpa. Well, sure, I've half a ton of other stuff to do, but I figure that I oughta finish what I started, eh? Pulling down the holiday feel on her, I hope, here in this next update, which features a stylish Concept Sheet (that's one of the three pictures for the hand-in done!) and now the front view from my soon-to-be-finished Modeling Sheet. Would finish it tonight, had I not had a particular reason to get up tomorrow... blargh. Neehow, while I'm pretty much just eager to finalize stuff, thoughts of all kinds are - duh - always appreciated!

For instance, right now, the tattoos aren't in there - I'll be playing with them later (and have 'em merge into ropes proper, neat notion, BaronImpossible!) but... ah, well, I was thinking, that maybe it'll all get too cluttered. Well. I like cluttered, so what the hee.

Oh, and, I figure I'll probably get the logo in on some of them plates-thingies she be wearing, or tattoo it in... or, failing that, I think I like the team colours 'nuff to base much of the picture on them. Or... or maybe not. Meh, will have to think that wee detail through.

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