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03 March 2009, 01:01 PM
Studios & Freelance Artists Using Cinema 4D

The following post is to be an open directory for studios and freelance artists that use Cinema 4D as an essential tool in their creative work flow. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything missing, inaccurate, etc. I will do my best to keep this post updated. I hope you will find this useful.



Studios and Freelance Artists are listed alphabetically within a geographic location and in this format:

Name [website link(s)] [ specific country, if necessary] [area(s) of expertise] [studio and/or freelance]



Aixsponza [][Germany][Motion Graphics][Studio]

Andrea Fantini Studio [][Italy][Visual Effects][Studio]

AnimationSnippets [ (][Germany][Character Animation, Design & Rigging, Plugin Development][Freelance]

Arscom Studio [ (][Croatia][Archtectural & Product Visualization & Illustrations][Studio]

Deinehelden [ (][Germany][Automotive, Animation, TV, Logos][Studio]

DogDay Design [][Sweden][3D Illustration][Freelance]

Effect Etage [][Germany (Spain)][Creative Concepts, Film/Video Production, 2D / 3D-Animation, Compositing, Visual Effects][Studio]

Eric Smit [ (][Luxembourg][Illustrations, Animation][Freelance]

Francesco Guazzi [ (][Italy][3D Architectural Design, Illustration][Freelance]

Graphite9 [ (][Ireland][Character Rigging & Animation][Freelance]

Happy Ship [][The Netherlands][Short Film, Gags, Commercial][Studio]

Heerko Groefsema [][The Netherlands][Motion Graphics][Studio]

Holger Biebrach [ (][Germany][Information Design, 3D Illustration, Animation][Freelance]

KonaCoast [][The Netherlands][2/3D Motion Graphics, Animation, Compositing & Video Productions][Studio]

Magnus Ronnkvist [][Sweden][Architectural & Product Visualization, Animations, Sketch & Toon][Freelance]

Mostyle [][Germany][Animation, Character Design, Compositing][Freelance]

One Size [ (][The Netherlands][Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects & Live-Action Film and TV][Studio]

PixelDoggy [][Germany][ 3D/Charactacer Animation, Architecture, Product Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration][Freelance]

PlanetX [][The Netherlands][Visual Effects][Studio]

Rizon Parein [ (][Graphics & Animation][Freelance]

Sehsucht [][Germany][Architecture][Studio]

studio*moccoro [][Greece][Architectural Visualization][Freelance]

Tetsoo Productions [ (][Switzerland][Studio]

Video Communication [http:// ( (][Sweden][Film][Studio]

Weber [][The Netherlands][Identities, Advertising, Web Design, 3D/4D Graphics][Studio]

Wipix [][France][Character Animation][Studio]

Zeitguised [][Europe][Computer Graphics Design][Studio]

United Kingdom

Bitstate, Pete Circuitt [ (][Motion Graphics, TV, Film][Freelance]

Buzzbox [][UK][Architectural vVsualisation. Animation. Photo Real Images][Studio]

[b]Chris Cousins [http:// ( (][UK][Animator, Designer][Freelance]

Firewire Studios [ (][UK][Design, Illustration
Subsea Offshore Engineering, Retail Visualization][Freelance]

HypaTV [http:// ( (][UK][Motion & Design Graphics][Studio]

Justin Bates [http:// ( (][UK][Visual Effects, Broadcast, Film, Commercials][Freelance]

Kromekat, Adam Benton [ (][UK][3D Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics, Digital Matte][Freelance]

Lee Stanley Photography [ (][UK][Architectural, Exhibitions, Set/stage Design, Product Design, Pack Shots][Freelance]

Medi-cin3d [][UK][Medical Visualisation, Interactive 3D, Product Visualisation][Studio]

Neutral [ (][UK][Architectural Animation][Studio]

Painting Practice [http:// ( (][UK][Pre-Visualization, Concept][Studio]

Sav Scatola [http:// ( (][UK][Illustrator][Freelance]

Slam Digital [http:// ( (][UK][3D, Retouching][Freelance]

We Are Seventeen [http:// ( (][UK][Motion & Design Graphics][Studio]

Will Macneil [ (][UK][Motion Graphics][Freelance]

[u]United States of America & Canada

3fx [ (][Medical & Broadcast Animation][Studio]

Acme Digital [ (][USA][Architecture][Freelance]

Adam Chase [][Canada][Communications & Media][Freelance]

Adam Swaab [][USA][Design & Animation][Freelance]

BluFire Studios [][USA][Productions, Visual Effects, Animation][Studio]

Dave Dries [ (][USA][Graphic Design][Freelance]

Eight Point Productions [ (][USA][Animation, Visual Effects, Video, Interactive][Studio]

[b]FitraMedia Interactive [][USA][Illustration, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Video Post][Freelance]

Freestyle Collective [][USA][Exploratory & Innovative Design][Studio]

Blur Studio [ (][USA][Motion Graphics, Animation, Design][Studio]

Jen Rizzo [ (][USA][3D Generalist, Motion Graphics, Architecture, Interior & Product Design][Freelance]

M4mouse [ (][Canada][TV Commercials, Visual Effects][Studio]

Nucleus Medical Art [][USA][Medical Illustration][Studio]

Point 360 West [][USA][Animation, Visual Effects, Digital Post][Studio]

SkyVu Pictures [][USA (Singapore)][Motion graphics 2D & 3D,Video Interstitials , TV & Web Advertisements, Architectural Simulations, Digital Billboard Displays, Medical Visualizations, Event LCD displays][Studio]

Sony Pictures Imageworks [][USA][Animation, Visual Effects][Studio]

Splice Here [ (][USA][Edit, Design, Color, Audio][Studio]

Stéphane Hentschel [][Canada][3D Modeling, Texture, 2D & 3D Illustration][Freelance]

Sugar Film Productions [ (][USA][Production] [Studio]

The Danse Multimedia [ (][USA][Medical, Litigation, Game & Broadcast Animation][Freelance]

Transistor Studios [][Animation, Live Action, Interactive][Studio]

Vital Distraction [][USA][Digital Video Production][Studio]

[u]Australia & New Zealand

John Shakespeare [ (][Australia][ 3D Illustration][Freelance]

DMG [][New Zealand][Motion Graphics][Studio]

Reg [][Australia][Graphic Design, Animation, Compositing & Visual Effects for TV][Freelance]

Umeric [ (][Australia][Motion & Design Graphics][Studio]


South America

Jose Roberto [][Brazil][Architectural Illustrator][Freelance]

Vamp Studio [ (][Colombia][TV Commercials, Animation & 3D Illustration][Studio]


Igarashi Design [][Japan][3D Graphics Design][Freelance]

Sunglow Design Studio [ (][Taiwan][Architectural & Interior Perspectives][Studio]

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