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03 March 2009, 12:35 PM
Well... I have a name for my creation at least! :rolleyes:

I'm leaning towards a War Machine, which will probably be a popular category. Since this is my first competition of any kind, I might as well play to my current strengths.

Can't wait to get home from work and start my sketching!!

03 March 2009, 06:56 PM
Still working on my concept drawings, so I'm not quite ready to upload just yet...

The background story is taking shape though!

Max Bellum started life as a simple troop transport. He dutifully brought troops and spare parts where they were most needed. Over time, he up-armored himself and incrementally upgraded his energy weapons. These enhancements provided more offensive and defensive capabilities for Max's missions, but problems arose.

Max's power source was no longer able to support extended transport/combat missions. Frequent fighting using the latest energy weapons limited Max's range from his home base. Attempts were made to add more battery capacity, but the added weight severely impacted agility and mobility. Solar panels were also tried, but they were not compact or durable enough for Max's growing energy needs.

Several Scouts recently reported new intelligence regarding new reactor technology being used by the Norm race. Bio-Reactors were independently designed and built within the last two years. These reactors were able to generate significant energy from organic fuel sources.

The Norms mostly used plants and animals killed during severe climactic change in the higher latitudes of Earth. Colder weather forced many species to adapt or die. Predictably, billions of flora and fauna perished over the last several years. This raw material was an abundant source of energy for their new Bio-Reactor technology.

The Norms guarded their Bio-Reactors against espionage and destruction, but stealthy Scouts were able to obtain numerous fragments of the Bio-Reactor blueprints by capturing and torturing several Norm engineers.

Once the blueprints were converted into a useable form by the War Machine Elders, work began on a new, more versatile design. The new Bio-Reactor that was designed was able to use almost any organic matter as fuel. It was soon discovered that Norm flesh was extremely potent when fed into the new reactor... mostly due to magical enhancement. A Norm with powerful magic provides an even greater source of energy than was predicted.

Demon flesh has also been discovered to be very energy-dense. The Elders have theorized that Demon power infusion is responsible for such immense heat when the flesh is disintegrated. The power output does not last as long as that of Norms, but the intensity is far greater.

Max reconfigured himself to incorporate a Bio-Reactor in order to meet his energy needs. Soon afterward, he decided to replace his older energy weapons with top of the line models. Troop transport was an important job, but now Max is a far deadlier force to reckon with. His current assault on the Norm and Demon armies has been in progress non-stop for several weeks. Max is fully self-sufficient now that he can use all creatures in his path as fuel for his mission.......

He truly lives up his mission of wreaking Maximum War... MAX BELLUM!!!

03 March 2009, 07:29 PM
I'm still in the early stages of modeling, but Max is slowly taking shape.... At this point I have the basic body and wheels. I'll be adding some more detail this week, but I'm interested in feedback, especially the critical kind! :D

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03 March 2009, 07:29 PM
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