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03 March 2009, 10:56 PM
Updates thus far:: May 19, 09 -WIP

Demon Prince:: Name: Isoriai Element:: Ice/cold
demon type: cocoon

----------------------------Illustration Sheet------------------------------------------------
Illustration update: May, 19 09
----------closeup shots-----

----------------------------model sheet------------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------Concept Sheet--------------------------------------------------
Metamorphosis:: cocoon type demon
Description update: April 16, 09

once the Dominance battle is over and winner is announce, depending on its ranking in this battle(lower than rank 50 would automatically mean the prince has been defeated), the Prince will go through the process of Metamorphosis( example would be a worm to cocoon to butterfly) appearance would drastically change depending on its experience in the battle.

non-combat mode( need a better name for this)- whence it rests, watch and rule over the hordes of demon, it will still like a stone statue, even its skins are as harden as Orihalcon. its movement is slow, speech rate is also reduce; but each word it will speak is to the wise.

Provoke mode::(description too cheesy, will need to rewrite this, haha)- restless spirit that rages, wild with infinite power of destruction like a cantaloupe; depending on its ranking in the dominance war, its ability changes.


Metamorphosis form: ranks 50th and higher::
concept update: May 13, 09
non-combat mode:: - working

Provoked mode::

Metamorphosis form: ranks 10th and higher::
concept update: May 13, 09

non-combat mode:: none

Provoked mode::

Metamorphosis form: ranks 1st::
concept update: May 13, 09

non-combat mode::

Provoked mode::

--------------------------------Story/concept text-------------------------------------------
update:: March_22_2009 10:41 CST

"The world will not change until Hell freezes over"

a short sentence of how i will be going about this concept

Side:: Demon_Prince
Element:: Ice/cold
emphasis on:: power and fear

i think the approach for this concept will be a bit backward, i will be developing the illustration till i am clear on what the demon will look like, then afterward i will be making the creature sheet with all the changes. and later making another illustration to create a more dynamic camera angle perhaps.

" the chill is closing in, what little defenses left has been iceberg"

the demon is closing in the palisade wall of a city, slowly it walks. Screeching sounds from the ice, drawn frustration ever closer to the end of time, be it friend or foes.

03 March 2009, 02:41 AM

updates on what i have so far.

i think i am able to start clearing up the idea a bit more now, i'll have concept post up a tad bit later.

question regarding the demon/prince side

do we know if demon prince are allow to wear armors like norms? i do understand that weapons are summonish, i think o.O

cuz from reading this, it sounds like aside from using elemental powers instead of magical powers, as well as extra wings/limbs/tails/horns, demon princes are similar to norms, so i assume that they can wear armors... like norms.

if this question has been answered else-where, please don't mind pointing me to the FAQ.

thanks in advance for the clarification. ^^;;

characteristic quote directly from dominance war 4::
Demon Prince
Demon Princes are human sized demons with human-like or alien-like characteristics. If not for a few demon-like body traits (bat wings, horns, tail etc), they could easily pass for a natural intelligent human, alien, elf etc of that kind. Demon Princes, like Demon Lords, can manipulate their inborn fusion of power.


03 March 2009, 08:08 AM
I don't see why you couldn't use armor on a demon prince, as I understand it; armor is simply a design/uniform element, not necessarily a power source or of summoning sort, etc. I don't think it specifies in the restrictions either.. (I'm only guessing)...

03 March 2009, 05:16 PM

hiya Robottank, thanks for clarifying the thoughts on the armor restriction, i am also guessing along the same line as your theory. so without further a due, here are some updates on what i have so far.

"The world will not change until Hell freezes over"

a short sentence of how i will be going about this concept

Side:: Demon_Prince
Element:: Ice/cold
emphasis on:: power and fear

i think the approach for this concept will be a bit backward, i will be developing the illustration till i am clear on what the demon will look like, then afterward i will be making the creature sheet with all the changes. and later making another illustration to create a more dynamic camera angle perhaps.

" the chill is closing in, what little defenses left has been iceberg"

the demon is closing in the defense wall of a city, slowly it walks. Screeching sounds from the ice, drawn frustration ever closer to the end of time, be it friend or foes.

challenges in the background later on::
ice wall with bodies, lights refracting, indirect lighting, making all of that believable will be difficult >.< but its gonna be some awesome experience for me, anyone have thoughts and or experience in painting ice, please don't hold back your suggesting on how i may tackle this, thx ^^

how do you guys go about style change?often, infrequent, or rarely notice?


03 March 2009, 12:26 AM
Hey Pui,
Good to see your start. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

03 March 2009, 12:31 AM
very interesting approach.... i`ll keep an eye on your thread
good luck

03 March 2009, 02:31 AM
Excellent! Many ideas came out when i was watching your concept. Can't wait to see more from u. Good luck!!!

03 March 2009, 06:01 AM
I love the choice of colours and the general feel to this, very organic and creepy, like it's decaying or something.


03 March 2009, 06:36 AM
Hey Pui,

Really nice approach, like the color palette :D Looking really good. All the best and waiting for more updates! Cheers!!

03 March 2009, 10:06 AM
nice start :D i believe its going to turn on to be a good concetp

03 March 2009, 10:27 AM
wow, great start! I really like the palette and the textures you've used- seems like it could get really gory, like a winged, demon abomination of sorts...

I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this!

03 March 2009, 02:31 PM
Hey Pui! Its been a while. Nice to see your joining the war also. I too am entering [3D catagory].

Can't wait to see what you grow this into.

...Good Luck. ;)

03 March 2009, 02:40 PM

here is what i have thus far, close up on what i am focusing on atm.

Thanks for everyone's Support.

at my current progress i am fairly confident in what i want for the wing, and the two arms, i have been constantly flash with possible possibilities/impossibilities of what the creature would look like from all angles but i would have to keep you guys waiting, the suspense is killing me too, as it takes a great deal of focus to chart out what the matrix are pouring out!

its only been the third day and already 5 pages of entries, go cgtalk go! bring home the trophy(ies)! ^^


03 March 2009, 06:09 PM

Hey Pui! Its been a while. Nice to see your joining the war also. I too am entering [3D catagory].

Can't wait to see what you grow this into.

...Good Luck. ;)

Hi Franky! great to see your entering this battle as well, how have you been ^^. with Tyler and you here, this is gonna be a fun ride. i'll be sure to look up you two's progress when i am on my rounds, anymore ILIS people here? hehe =D

Progress:: fairly clear now on what i want the environment to look like; a giant door that is frozen by the demon with his hand purging into the iceberg, slowly he closes the enemies' door, trapping all those that are living soon into non-living and those that are non-living soon to a more erm.. non-non-living? ^^;;

dilemma:: not sure what the head will look like just yet, gonna think on that a bit.

Tackleness:: once again, the process for generating this concept is gonna be a bit backward compare to many of the concept artists here ^^, as Illustration is more of my strong point, while i am a bit on the weak end of doing concept drawins. But have no fear, i will certainly tackle the modeling sheet with clear definitions... later on ^^.

Forum Logo:: the position of our prestige cgtalk will be place on the upper level of the right shoulder, as well as on the necklace, don't worry, i will be sure to add in the logos, i hope... unless fiddle bender kicks in.

You guys should check out the and's Dominance War progress too, those guys are crazy with ideas, not to say that we got' non eitha! ^_-


03 March 2009, 08:12 PM
Hey Pui,
Your concept beginning is SO great, I like the colours and the composition.
Thanks for your words (and help...) with my Small Town Invasion ( piece.
IŽll keep an eye on this thread to see your next promising updates.

03 March 2009, 09:25 PM
hi puiart

i really love ur aesthetic i dont know what it is yet but like it, it looks very dynamic.

03 March 2009, 04:02 AM
I'm going to watch your thread. I love your organic painting much texture and the color choice is striking. I like the reversed work flow approach. Even at this early stage this looks like it will be a strong contender.

03 March 2009, 03:41 AM
Updates thus far:: Mar 22, 09

Front View

moonShake:: hiya, glad to hear from ya and thanks for your support. wont you be able to join us on this war still? but if your work schedule is a bit hectic, i can understand, still, i would really wanna see what crazy stuff you come up with for Dominance War IV. nevertheless i will work extra hard to include your support in this war ^^.

mporter:: hi hi mporter, glad to hear from ya, the initial thoughts in approaching this project was that i want to learn as much as possible, and develop more branches of "flair" to my developing/studying style, so i wanna try throwing in some various shapes and lightning, glad you like it and i will further make it more "cooler" by the end result ^^.

Segvoia:: thank you very much for your Support, Segvoia. various degrees of effects and approaches to this concept i took studies from the previous dominance war. i visited many of the DW 3 champions thread and found their work quite interesting, and those were definitely magnificent work of art; considering the depths and levels of details they when through to create their piece. i will do my best to meet that standard and intend to exceed it should i wish to improve; we all will certainly be able to yield quite large amount of experience as a result of, duration of, and process of this world-wide event.

Updates:: various treatments where painted in to the illustration to get closer to the surface lighting and textures that i want for the piece, references of glacier/ice and random hard surface rocks were use in further study of their properties.

a quite sketch of a front view of the demon that will come to light soon i hope ^^.

cheers, and thank you for your support.

04 April 2009, 08:47 PM
updates on the progress of the metamorphosis idea::

hiya everyone, so sorry for missing out for so many days, i have been tackling my other hobbies, so without further a due here are some quick description regarding the metamorphosis idea.

the first week when i read the demon lord and demon prince description, it posted some conflict for me.

1. how is it that demon lord and demon prince(ss) appearance descriptions are so entirely and drastically different, further inspection the description also feels that princes are heirs before they turn into demon lords, this part intrigued me quite the while.

solution thus far:: dream dream and dream more to find a visual explaination

2. since the descriptions are the givens, how do i go about focusing my concept so that it would fit right into the decriptions

solution thus far:: link the prince's appearance change through the stage of metamorphosis, i skeem though a few mazagine regarding butterflys while i was out and about, and when comparing its worm stage and its butterfly stage, the two are drastically different, if it wasnt for the detail explaination in the magazine, i wouldnt have believe that the two are the same entity; simply change through a stage. with this being the inspiration, i want to mimic that speciality; appearance would drastically change, but remains the same entity.

3. it would be great if i can somehow show somesort of results inflicted from the battle, how should i go about?

solution thus far:: with the metamorphosis at hand, why not give a few variasion that conflicts with the ranking of the battle, wouldnt it be great to show the experience that the demon prince goes through?

4. the words seldom attacks, and when provoked in the demon lord description really spark more ideas to come:

Solution:: i remember back in Dark Prophecys II, there was a creature that is great at tanking when it is still; its like a giant stone, but when it atks, its destruction powers erupts like a flair of flame. this brought about the non-combat mode and provoked mode idea, the colors of the non-combat mode would be less saturated to indicate that it is less of a living being, while the provoked mode would be very saturated to contrast that difference.

thus comes the drawings; i wanted each metamorphosis rank to different as much as possible; thus the idea of manipulating differ style and color palette to create as much diffences as possible, so here are some WIPs.


04 April 2009, 09:59 PM
10/10 ... i like it!;)

04 April 2009, 11:07 PM
Very, very nice texture :p Can't wait to see the final !

04 April 2009, 06:53 AM
Hey Pui!
Really nice organic painting, I like it a lot, especially the first Non-combat mode.
I wonder how the DemonŽs face will be...
Keep it up

04 April 2009, 12:23 AM
------------------------------------------April, 20 09-----------------------------------------

ravensbane: thankz for your support, if there are any dislikes in the concept, feel free to bring it up. I originally took this metamorphosis idea as a spinoff to add a bit more unique to the concept, i wanted to focus on a long-term-view of the concept, what would your character look like AFTER the dominance war IV =); last year's creativeness was through the roof on the Illustration/model/concept sheet, some went with a comic strip idea, another focus on the pet idea, while others just crank out unimaginable ideas into reality, crazyness i tell ya, whatsever they where smokin' i want some.

alexy: thankx for your support, alex any likes and dislike? feel free to speak up, i wanna hear em!

moonshake: hihi, saw u working on a new painting, can't wait to see it finish, =). i should/hope to be done with the metamorphosis concept in the next few days, then i'll jump back to the main character. to be honest, i still do not have the clearest idea what the prince would look like, any suggestions?

heres some new updates on the concept and thoughts. again, feel free to tell me what you think? whether the idea sounds, the wording is weird/difficult to understand or just leave you with a bad taste. XD

-------------------- similarities in all the forms:: -------------------------------------

1-the back will have 6 pierce whistles, allowing internal element to extend forth that melts in any shapes and forms when it is expose to oxygen, wind and any viable way that slows down the molecule from bursting in every-which direction, the shapes are direct manifestation of the user's thoughts. So in normal instance, they would turn into spider leg-like limbs that allow the demon lord to maneuver across terrains on ground, or expand to shapes that can glide in the air through various means of the environment's logic/interaction.

2-the demon prince loses its arms and legs through the stage of metamorphosis; as generations of evolution of this species deem the extra limbs unnecessary and inefficient compare to the whistles on its back, they are capable to extend to any length and any shape so long as it is connected to the source and the user have enough energy to sustain the continuous upkeep(think of it as veins running though the entire length.). i.e cut off whistles would shatter or melt overtime when its source of energy is cut off.

-------------------------------differences in all the forms::--------------------------

not all forms has a non-combat mode due to various reasons through the user's desire and contents.

all forms would have a combination of the look of a hummingbird's glitter neck with a mix of another animal like-characteristic with no limbs. I.E::

form rank 50 and up::
toad/frog characteristic
form rank 10 and up::
goldfish and fish-mouth-like characteristic
form rank 1st::
insect-like characteristic; have not decide which one yet.
------------------------------------Abilities:: -----------------------------------------------

-the prince begins with just 2 open whistles, even with its elemental power so limited, its two arms makes up for it with physical power. the right arm is harden with very sharp claws, a ideal arm to defend/block and strike in close range. The left arm is icy cold, its chilling touch frozen even the smallest airborne bacteria should it ever be close to range.

-so now we know about the prince's ability, but what about the cocoon demon lords ability? what are they like? since these are ice element demons, why aren't they blueish? how do the cocoon demon lords fight? and how come you have to write so damn much all the time, eh? eh? to find out, stay tune for the next episode of power rangers, errr.. i mean, the next update!, woah, wayyy pass that age group, hope no one has a blues clue of what i was talking about. =)


rank 50 and up form

rank 10 and up form
provoked mode ice format:: fizzle snows/coral

rank 1st form:
non-combat mode ice format:: glacier

provoked mode ice format:: snowflakes

04 April 2009, 06:13 AM
wow! it's really cool concept,I like it..:thumbsup:

04 April 2009, 03:00 PM
Very nice abstract style u have there. Good to see different wip steps.

04 April 2009, 03:57 AM
This is looking fantastic, the only crit I would give is that there seems to be a lot going on in the picture, it's a little busy if you know what I mean, it makes the character disappear a little. I mean I know you're still workin on it, so I'm sure it will look totally different when you're done! That was just the one thing I felt should be commented on, everything else about it is beautiful!

04 April 2009, 07:18 PM
Your concepts/illustrations are great. I like the rather loose strokes. They have a lightness to them but at the same time, there is lots of tension and other stuff going on. This sort of undefined look stimulates the imagination so I find them very engaging.
Nice color palette.

05 May 2009, 12:00 PM
man, dont eat this drukqs any more :p love colors and singularity!

05 May 2009, 07:25 PM
hankson: lets keep up the progress, the war is almost over =), i am really behind. if i pull a few all nighters, i just might be able to finish it.

AlienKing: ah, thanks for your support, i am thinking of making a .gif animation later so that is easier to each whats different in each update.

NavigatorJones:hahaha, thanks for pointing it out, this is exactly the reason why it takes soooo long for me to move on the concepts, as often as it happen to all my other works, i would layout a ton of crazyness, in hope to find and decipher the messages in each sectors of the drawings; thus leading to very unclear thoughts and messiness. thanks for your support and i hope to someday to continue this approach AS WELL as able to implement your suggesstions thankx!

snk: yup, certainly the benifit of having so many crazyness around each corner allows the freedom fo creativity to flow round and all, that is certainly the advantage of the approach, but same as its disadvantage, there is soo many confusioness in the picture as NavigatorJone has pointed out =), i'll try to work it out soon.

FedDark: hiya, saw your work at the Russian forum, CRAZY WORK DUDE! keep it up


thanks y'all yokes for the supports and comments, really keeps my mind from going crazy from the crunch time. as much as i wanted to update more regularly, alot of things in life keeps pulling me out. alright. without further adue, here are some updates.

regarding the story update, i will certian make a effort to write a better draft once the illustration and concept are near done.


close up of the face, something is certainly weird about it tho, not sure if its the angle, but certain the position and scales maybe off, maybe the refraction of the lights are off. Anyone have a clue to why the head looks so weird? i'll work out a solution in the mean time as well as redo the facial to be a bit more erm.. charismatic.
added birdies to show some size samples and to convent the idea that the upper back is warm enough to support a ecosystem of life.
dont know what i was on when i was painting the whistles, but it looks interesting enough. i'll just make up a excuse later, hahahah.
changed the provoke mode of the cocoon lord that would look like if it gets rank 1st, i find the color palette and the perspective alot more interesting than the other one, whatcha think?
think i'll just call this one done for the sake of being able to work on the rest of the metamorphosis forms, dont you think so too?

alrighty, cheers y'all, with a few days left in the competition, i'll attempt the impossible possible if it makes any sense.

P.S. i am almost certain that CGland and are on some sort of crazy pills, if anyone knows where i can get some too, hook me up on the pm.

05 May 2009, 09:40 PM
Great stuff.
Your drawing are stranges.but very nice:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
keep it up :beer:

05 May 2009, 11:45 PM
Your textures are drool worthy :drool:, I would love to see the result if you and Niklas ( collaborated on a piece.

My only crit is that I think the Demon Prince's face could be stronger. For all the power he is capable of, his face looks too soft, almost as if he is sad and confused. Before his face was more defined he had a presence of something strange yet fiercesome, where now his pleading eyes elicit more sympathy than fear as if his strange form was something done "to" him instead of it being a natural aspect of his being.

I hope that makes sense.

Good work!

05 May 2009, 02:55 AM
Ataulfo:: thank for your support, we all have our silly side, that is just me =)

Segvoia:: hahhaha, thanks thanks. regarding your critique, i took in your suggestion and attempt to make the facial area more " mystery and fierce" . But i think i losted it after buckets of paints after paints layer down into the facial area, i did manage to salvage a facial expression that was a lot more satisfying compare to the previous dull expression. tell me what you think =). it was sparked when i was thinking of a cross of " doing somthing naughty in the public" and " lightbulb pop-up" as well as " cruel and sick" look.

05 May 2009, 07:43 AM
Hey Pui,

Nice update man! really amazing work.
I agree with SegvoiaŽs critique about the Demon Prince's face. Also, itŽll be good to check the proportions between the head and the body. ThereŽs something strange with the face perspective and the relationship with the shoulders, I donŽt know..., maybe thereŽs missing shadows projected to the head, or it needs more pronounced shading to give it more contrast and make it look as the body...
Keep up the good work, IŽll be stopping by to see what comes next

05 May 2009, 09:19 PM
MoonShake:: hi hi, thanks for dropping by =), and ya, i couldn't agree more that there is something weird about the proportion of the body and the head. I'll get that fix in the while adding some more new things to the illustration. what have you been up to lately??

the "prophecy stone" is added to follow along the story, regarding the fortold of the demons from the champions of DWIII, but since is been a peaceful time, the norms neglect the signs and turn it into a door instead. so here we are. some pictographs and textographs(if thats a word) are scribe onto the wall.

i also went along and place in the "known" races to dominance war so far, as well as taking the liberty to add some hints of "undiscover" races to the game, seeing as how Dominance War will continue to grow bigger and bigger to draw in everyone's interest =)

take a look at the picktographs and see if the message is easy to understand and or make any sense,


05 May 2009, 12:27 AM
just a quick update- smooth out some hard edges

05 May 2009, 12:44 AM
I luv it!! keep on goin buddy! :beer:

05 May 2009, 09:49 PM
DDS:: hi hi, thanks for stopping by, your 3D entries is quite amazing, and it may every well grab us the 3D champion trophy, please complete the project if possible, it would be a waste to let it go =).
here is an update of the Illustration, starting to get more colors into the piece, what you guys think? the goal currently on the background is to have a sort of prism color, seeing as the crazy CGland and 2D is gonna kill us all, i really need to step up a notch =) u guys too, whatever your doing even if its already amazing, make it more amazing-e-er, this is gonna be one heck of a battle to the last second.


05 May 2009, 03:09 AM
almost there,


05 May 2009, 07:03 AM
another update::

made the hand a bit more dynamic and adjust its proportion to the body
added in the back-background,
adjusted some other lightnings and details,

takes to adjust::
mask need more detail,
overall lighting is a bit weird, will need to take care of that when near the end stage of the Illustration.

if you guys see anything else that is needed to be adjusted or that it aint feel right, let me know, i would greatly appreciate it,


05 May 2009, 10:31 AM
Looking beautiful yet creepy! Goodluck!

05 May 2009, 02:24 AM
Excellent work! Good luck :thumbsup:

05 May 2009, 03:49 AM
I read that many people also like me are having problem uploading their last minute submissions,

one lightly solution was to post your work on your joined forum, so here goes

05 May 2009, 07:53 AM
Very original approach...
Amazing work mate. Good luck!

05 May 2009, 08:24 AM
Awesome entry man, im actually in awe. Your rendering is so, hmm.. Delicious! The colors, the light and the transluscent materials are so well done. :) Its also very nice to see an original approach in these kinds of events for a change, thank you. Good luck with the judging, the only thing that could knock you out of a top 20 spot now imo would be that its not generic enough for the judges.. ;) Awesome stuff..


05 May 2009, 12:24 PM
I can easily say this is my favourite character of the competition, but since I haven't seen all the entries I'd say it really goes into my top 5. Awesome man, pure awesoome.

05 May 2009, 08:28 PM
moonshake:: =D thanks thanks, i'll be sure to continue and experiment for quicker, more efficient and better results in my work as well, cheers.

FrozZT:: thank you for your very lengthy comment, haha. i do enjoy the result from this piece, and all my results are solely due respect to the luxurious amount of time that i had on my hand with little activities going on, so should i be as limited in the time spam much like working artists and hectic schedule like you guys, i wouldn't have been able to reach as halve good of a quality as u guys have. i do enjoy your piece and whenever possible and plausiable, i would like to take on Segvoia's suggestion in collaborating a art piece with you should i ever get the chance, it would certainly be my pleasure to be had.

DDS:: thank you for your support, i would in no less expect that this competition to be a fierce slaughter battle ground, and there was certainly alot of obstacle to be had, but having join in this competition, i been lucky enough to able to bathe among the lights of inspiration and perspiration that shine down across the battlefield to all the participants, and certainly the result would also later bring great fame and glory to each and respective forums, i too will be looking forward to seeing how the ranking would turn out. i was able to dedicate much of my time and effort into this piece with the support of my family. your 3D modeling skill is certainly a awe to behold, i'll be looking through your portfolio regularly for inspirations as a beginner 3D artist myself =)

05 May 2009, 08:27 AM
LOL "...anything from your next dental check up to world calamity..."
That just made my day :D! Awsome XD!!!

05 May 2009, 02:17 AM
WOW... this is so Beautiful Loose and Imaginative!
sweet :)

05 May 2009, 02:41 AM
LOL "...anything from your next dental check up to world calamity..."
That just made my day :D! Awsome XD!!!

=D very glad you catch that little miracle humor that i attempt to convent in the storyline, it just seem cheesy with just the calamity part, but now, its even more cheesier, the cheesiest!

WOW... this is so Beautiful Loose and Imaginative!
sweet :)

thank you thank you, now that the main dominace war end, a new mini-challenge has started, should you two have some free time on your hand, i would strongly encourage ya to enter if your schedule allows, cheers :beer:

05 May 2009, 07:55 PM
higher res for visual enjoyment =)

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