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03 March 2009, 09:31 PM
i'm kind of new, i tried this competition last year but couldn't due to other priorities.

i like to brainstorm with notes to conceptualize before i actually sketch:


Unlike the common notion of cybernetic organisms, where the base of the being is constructed from pre-existing organic materials [Borg], or the reversal with organics over an inorganic frame [Terminator], I would like to try and blend the two beyond this polarization.

Visual organic elements, to an otherwise inorganic being.
With only need for power consumption/usage as self-concerning, is otherwise committed to the priorities of destroying all that is not Machine.

Rather than bits of organic material being included within the machine, I chose to make the machine more organic in form, capable in a longer sense to evolve/adapt/upgrade if need be. Non-trans-generational adaptation…genes do not need to be passed on the next generation in order to adapt, since it lacks genes or the ability to reproduce in a biological sense.

The advantage of the inorganic sentience is that it does not have the same restrictions to form. It can be made asymmetric, as well as protective without exposing fragile systems, such as its brain/heart, little black-box.
Heads and arms can be made for practical use, as weapons, and operators as sensory/data retrievers, so each head 9does not contain a brain. Since they are without the need for proper ‘organs’, all the necessary foundational hardware can safely be situated within the machines body.
Chop off its head, and you have merely blinded a sense, remove a leg, and you have crippled it. But rip out its cortex, its brain/heart, and then you might have killed it.. [ctrl + c]

Also by having a touch of organic/natural form to this mechanical/artificial being it might create an ironic sense of self-loathing.

"mindless berserker-bots are fun and all, but if One is destroyed, then how can One continue to carry out its primary objectives? if the situation arises, One might need to adapt, to upgrade in order to tackle these new situations, and thanks to the marvelous/disastrous mishap of One's creation, it was given sentience, intelligence, and ability to think and perceive.
with self-preservation in mind [in order to carry out its primary objectives], by analyzing and self-reflecting could it not be possible that One has become what it desires to eliminate, has One become a living being? NO, backspace, delete that last entry, onwards to the end of that which is not me--[error] One".

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03 March 2009, 09:31 PM
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