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03 March 2009, 08:51 PM
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03 March 2009, 10:08 PM
First time trying to post images on this forum, so forgive me if I screw up somehow.

I had thought I might want to do something for the Scout class, since my repertoire is creepy and cute, and that's right up my alley. But I sort of wanted to use this competition to push myself to do something I'm not entirely comfortable with.

So my next thought is something with the Cyborg class -- definitely a far cry from my usual 'cute' niche. I might even go so far as to try War Machine, but for the moment I think I'm in the right mood for a Cyborg.

03 March 2009, 11:56 PM
Well I really like the pose in that sketch :D!

03 March 2009, 12:11 AM
Hah, thanks! It kinda looks to me like he's dancing. xD

03 March 2009, 02:15 AM

I think I'm going with Cyborg. I want to do something that seems almost humanoid, maybe zombie-ish.. and that maybe has a detachable face, or a mutate-able one.

03 March 2009, 01:54 PM
My biggest question right now is how organic do I want to make it...

(I don't know what the sand-monster thing is doing up there.)

03 March 2009, 10:26 PM
I wish there was a way to change the thread title. ^^; Ah well. More thinking!

I'm coming up with a pretty nice story for this guy. That is, the organic tissue attached to my cyborg... and the cyborg that killed him. His brain still exists in small pieces, and because of the regenerative properties of the cyborg (whom I will call HEDDER for now), it still retains (and records) chunks of memory. But his soul was lost a long time ago, so whatever he was before no longer exists beyond the small collections of memory.

Hmmm... more about dead-guy later. For now, here's a cyber bunny.

03 March 2009, 10:43 PM
i vote for cyborg bunny :P

i liked your last sketches. i think there's a funny story about the eye and other three objects :P

03 March 2009, 04:26 AM
Cyber bunny FTW! :D

Haha, thanks. I can think of some weird things to do with that eyeball...

03 March 2009, 10:25 PM

So, I think I have a decent story down for my character, finally. Its name is "Fusion" -- a type of cyborg that can fuse with organic and inorganic substances, and adapt its own substance to those materials. So it's basically a material collector -- whatever material it can store in its CPU can be processed (like a texture to a 3D object if you will), and certain original plates on its form can transmute into a rough version of that material. The object(s) it fuses with are usually permanently fastened to its form after that, unless they're smashed off. Sometimes it chooses to smash the objects off, when the material it collected is found undesirable; and any time it loses the object, it loses the process for that material and can no longer transmute into that material.

The secondary character in the story is Verec, who was a Norm (clericon class). Verec found himself in battle with Fusion, and found himself at its mercy when Fusion decided to 'fuse' him to itself. In a desperate attempt to finish the cyborg before it could finish him, Verec used his own magic (a backlash sort of banishment magic) to reverse Fusion's fuse-process. The result had an odd effect -- it fused pieces of his body to various parts of Fusion, weakening the monster's defenses in certain areas, but not destroying it. As a result, there are certain plates on Fusion that can no longer be transmuted -- they're stuck in the form of Verec's body. Pieces of Verec's brain are still attached to Fusion, and are still somewhat living tissue; that is, it retains memory, though he is no longer 'human', has no ability to think or move of his own accord, possesses no heart, and no magic. But a part of Verec, however soulless, still remains attached to Fusion and occasionally disrupts his processes, or creates odd algorithms that cause him to react strangely in certain situations.

... So that's the gist of it so far. xD Details will slowly flesh themselves out.

03 March 2009, 03:00 AM
Couple more sketches for the night.. this time in pencil. Trying to get a feel for how much of him/it is organic and how much is mechanical. I'll probably use aspects of all of these for the final.

C&C always welcome.

03 March 2009, 04:19 PM
Nice sketches. I'm really digging the close-up of the face.

03 March 2009, 07:14 PM
Keep up with the story thought! The more you put into your characters background and psyche, the more the viewer will be engaged to think about them as well! Just make sure that anything you tell with the story can be translated into the design itself.

I like the more human form for this character, because it gives more of a human edge to what might become a mostly machine faction character... Keep exploring!

03 March 2009, 07:32 PM
Great sketches. Keep it up

03 March 2009, 08:08 PM
liked your latest sketches. also the story is impressive!

03 March 2009, 10:08 AM
Hey! I think your last one looks quite cool.. Dont know if it could move by itself though, looks to much like a puppet to me. Your ideas in what you write sounds interesting, try to show more of it in your sketches maybe. Keep it up!


03 March 2009, 06:52 PM
Thank you all for your comments! They've really helped me pull things together a little more.

@bangbangteng I'm definitely trying to formulate the story as I go -- he's sort of piecing himself together the way I imagine Fusion might actually do. You're right, I was afraid to get too machine-oriented, since I want the viewer to be able to identify at least a little with the creature -- the scariest monsters are usually the ones built from forms we already know. So I'm definitely leaning toward humanoid now that I've explored some other shapes.

@FrozZT Thank you! I couldn't quite identify what about the last one really bugged me, but I think that was it -- it's too passive, not so much frightening as creepy. I was also very disjointed about my sketches, but now I think I've pulled a bit of the story together and he's coming together because of it.

So here's my latest idea. I think I'm finally starting to get a good picture of this in my head.

He has bits and pieces of many materials, which is a little hard to envision for me, but I'm slowly patching together what I think should go where. Ivory (the tusks), cartilage (the tendrils), flesh (around the face and maybe the chest and a leg), steel, bone, coal... It's kind of fun to figure it all out.

C&C always welcome!

03 March 2009, 09:54 PM
Okay, think I figured out the legs now.

03 March 2009, 06:20 PM
I like this last one, is stronger with those legs. :surprised

03 March 2009, 06:23 PM

really cool concept, very strong pose. It seems very powerfull on the one hand, but very thoughtful on the other. Can't wait to see more from this one!

so long

03 March 2009, 04:13 PM
Good stuff :) I agree, that the legs are better now.

03 March 2009, 04:27 PM
nice :D I like the story concept, the character looks cool too :D

03 March 2009, 05:05 PM
Thanks you guys, I really appreciate all the feedback. I have finals this week, but hopefully I'll find time to work on it some more!

03 March 2009, 09:35 PM
It looks like you have a lot of ideas, some verging on the same line and some deviating completely, and I can't wait to see how you integrate these with your final concept.

03 March 2009, 10:39 PM
I like it, the pose is pretty cool. One problem IMO, there isn't enough flexibility in the thights and lower body. I feel this part could be more expressive and allow (theoretically) more freedom of movement.

03 March 2009, 02:36 PM
NICE sketches!!

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