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03 March 2009, 09:32 PM
FIE are a new indie games studio who are composed of a group of individuals who love games and have industry experience; having worked on various projects in the past including commercial titles; the biggest being a game which sold over 600,000 units.

We are currently working on a sandbox RPG using the Gamebryo Engine; which was the same engine used to produce Oblivion, Elderscrolls, Civilization, Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online; so we're using a solid, robust and powerful next gen engine to create a game which looks great and is engaging.

We plan to release the game and then move on to produce an online game afterwards; this title being the studios foot in the door and a platform for us to further ourselves and build a network of folks who will be able to work with us in the future.

The Team
We currently have 2 scriptwriters, one of whom has written for a popular TV show; the other has recognition in fantasy fields although doesn't have any commercially published works.

We have a troupe of talented programmers who are working hard with the engine and we have a working prototype with a controllable character where you can explore the game world. We've also integrated Speedtree and a global illumination solution & have a 3D & Shader programmer working on grass, directional shadow casting and enironmental effects.

We have a few talented artists onboard but to be honest we are rather short of artists so need to pad out our team in this area.

The Game
The game is a sandbox style RPG; not your dark medievil style RPG but a more colourful; Korean style RPG which is pure fantasy. We simply prefer this style of visual.

Within the game, the player controls a group of characters, with direct control over 1 character; the others being AI driven, the player being able to switch their controlled character at any time.

The battle system is realtime, with direct weapon control; all contained within the core game world (no seperate battle systems). You could liken it to an RPG with MMO style concepts integrated into it along with an openly explorable world where the plot is implemented through quest chains which work kind of like missions do in GTA games; where the player can initiate sections of the plot at their own will in a non-linear fashion.

Skills Needed
We want to pad out our art team across the board, particularly organic modellers but also hard body/architectural modellers. In some order of requirement:

Concept Artists
Character Modellers
Creature Modellers
Architectural Modellers
General Modellers (i.e. general objects such as walls, rocks, trees, plants etc.)
Texture artists
Environmental effects artists
Particle & effects artists
Animators (ability to work with mocap data is a plus as well as keyframed)
Postcompositing and effects

So a fair range; our key urgency right now is modellers and texture artists.

As we intend to release the game we are offering quite a bit to those who help us:

1. Full creditation
2. Ability to portfolio and showcase your works on the game
3. The opportunity to work with a friendly & inspired team
4. Everyone gets an equal cut of whatever profits the game makes
5. There may be payment once we complete the first BETA and thereafter (looking into it; we'd like to give to everyone that helps before we launch the game)
6. The opportunity to work with a AAA game engine
7. The ability to work with us on future projects should you wish to

I'm also willing to consider advances.

Required Input
As this is a startup project there is no "minimum requirement" as such; just that people do contribute and a simple rule that you don't say you will do something and then not bother (so sticking to your word).

Contact Info
You can drop me a PM here, ask questions in the thread or email me.

Email: (
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Final Notes
We're excited about this project and incredibly enthusiastic about it and want to create a great game, not just for the money but for the passion of doing it. Chasing the dream as it were.

We want to gather up some artists who can help us produce this game & if you have any requirements or terms I'm more than happy to entertain them; I'm also willing to consider advances to help protect you but we are limited in how much we can give as an advance at this time.

As a final word, we do have to run through an agreement with everyone who helps us, this is due to the technology we are using and also to protect everyones work & input.

Lastly, some screenies
Below are a small sample of screens:

03 March 2009, 12:10 PM
Just thought I'd post an update. We have found 2 architectural modellers and a general modeller. But would like a couple of character and creature modellers.

So if anyone is interested in helping please get in touch!

04 April 2009, 11:24 AM
wait im sorry bout that,i just found out several minutes ago that my dad is planning a vacation trip and i might not be around a computer for sometime crap. I'm sorry for trying to join. I'd really love to but suddenly i cant:cry:

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