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07 July 2003, 01:56 AM
Hi guys, here's my first post...

Anyway, I have this character that I've been working on from multiple machines...and some may have different Mental Ray, Caustics, Skin shaders...etc....

I've saved my files as .ma ASCII, for what reason...I cant remember...but I really dont need the sense of security of the ASCII format, and I really dont like the larger file sizes.

Is there a way of finding out...or just pruning whatever these unknown nodes are?

if they are unknown...I take it that I'm not using them. I've been having a similar node issue with Mental Ray in my characters scene files...when referrencing them into new scenes...I keep getting warnings of all these Mental Ray clashing nodes...please help.

Thank you for your time

07 July 2003, 06:07 AM
when openning a file the script editor is printing all the unknown nodes in your scene, so if you have no mental ray plugin it will certainly appear as an error, and maya will consider it as unknown nodes, if you want to delete these mental ray nodes (cause it will make your animation import weird in my experience) just copy paste these commands in your script editor and execute it:

if (`objExists mentalrayFramebuffer`){ delete mentalrayFramebuffer; }
if (`objExists mentalrayOptions`) { delete mentalrayOptions; }
if (`objExists mentalRayGlobals`) { delete mentalRayGlobals; }
if (`objExists mentalrayItemsList`) { delete mentalrayItemsList; }
if (`objExists PreviewCaustics`) { delete PreviewCaustics; }
if (`objExists PreviewGlobalIllum`) { delete PreviewGlobalIllum; }
if (`objExists PreviewFinalgather`) { delete PreviewFinalgather; }
if (`objExists Production`) { delete Production; }
if (`objExists ProductionMotionblur`) { delete ProductionMotionblur; }
if (`objExists Window`) { delete Window; }
if (`objExists NTSC`) { delete NTSC; }
if (`objExists PAL`) { delete PAL; }
if (`objExists Draft`) { delete Draft; }
if (`objExists DraftMotionBlur`) { delete DraftMotionBlur; }
if (`objExists Preview`) { delete Preview; }
if (`objExists PreviewMotionblur`) { delete PreviewMotionblur; }

hope it helps
enjoy maya :shrug: :scream:

07 July 2003, 09:41 PM
Hmmm...that looks like it could work....should this be used on a character that is to be refferenced so the mental Ray nodes dont clash from the character to the new scene?

Unfortunately, the computers I'm using today all have Mental Ray on them...and it likes to load up regardless of "AutoLoad" being checked or I cant really test it out.

But...I am having other nodes...and I think these are the problem nodes....

// Error: line 1: Plug-in, "md_RayDiffuse.mll", was not found on MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. //
// Error: line 1: Plug-in, "libCausticMap" was compiled against too old a version of the Maya API and is thus incompatible with the current Maya version. Obtain a newer version of this plug-in. (libCausticMap) //
// Error: line 1: Plug-in, "libSkinA.mll", was not found on MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. //

now forget that the Caustic one is older....even if it was a new one...I still get these errors....

I just wanna get rid of them all...and I tried just assigning the default Lambert Shader onto every piece of Geometry...just to see if it would work...but there seems to still be some unknown nodes.....ARGHHHH!!!

Any Ideas?

07 July 2003, 02:07 AM
if the scene you open were made from the computer that mentalray plugin is loaded, then even when you unload the plugin before you open it the mentalray plugin will autoload, after opening this scene youmust unload it and then run the script.

in the case of rayDiffuse plugin and libSkin plugin it has no effect in the scene provided that the shader that was used and the light in the scene were from rayDiffuse and skinShader you have to delete them in the hypershade, maya is just sending a warning that you do not have the appropriate plugin. the caustic problem is very easys to solve, delete it in the plugin folder.

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