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03 March 2009, 11:37 PM
Hi all,

My name is Josh and I'm lead designer for an indie studio called Senshi GameWorks. We're working on a team based multi-player shooter set in a sci fi universe. Our team is comprised of dedicated and talented voluntiers from a variety of Indie games backgrounds and professional expereince working toward entering our game in next year's IGF and eventually a public release of the game. We are working on the Source engine.
Currently we have alot of amazing art and design but are in need of a couple of animators to help bring things to life and a lead programer.

The Game: Our game is a squad based tactical FPS set in the far future where a war has been raging for years over control of systems and for survival. The game features multiple factions, a variety of classes to play and game modes to fit a variety of play styles. Our game also has an Anime/Manga flare to its play and design. We are working toward a demo/beta that we can enter into the IGF as well as search for funding to produce a much larger expanded version of the game. Currently we have nearly all our classes built with weapons and levels coming along nicely, putting us very close to internal testing.

What do you get from us? A fun group to work with, a free copy of the game when it is done and, in the end a lot of work you can use to promote yourself and flesh out a demo reel. Should you remain with the team and we recive funding or manage to sell the game for profit, compensation for your time an energy will be discussed with all team members.

Also, and I know most of the people looking here are artists, but we could also use an extra hand on the programming side. Familarity with Source/Source Moding is a big plus, but like with artists, skill and talent are more important.

Positions needed:
lead Programer

Skills needed: Animator: Knowledge of Maya 7 or 8. Talent in animation and experience building rigs and skinning. Prior experience and familarity with Source/Source Moding is a plus but not need. Talent, skill and a love for games is more important to us, the rest comes with just doing the work.

Programer: Knowledge of and experience with Source is important, but good skills is even more important. Experience with Direct X and multiplayer shooters are big pluses.

For those interested, I can be PMed on here or questions can be posted in this thread, but the best place to reach us is at this email:

Please introduce yourself and send a link to samples of your work.

Thank you all and look forward to working with some of the awsome talent from the forums!

--Josh Williamson
Lead Desginer, Art Director.
Senshi GameWorks

03 March 2009, 11:20 PM
Hi all,

We also have need of an enviorment artist/lvl designer to lend our main guy a hand. This person would assist our other lvl designers in designing lvls, constucting terrian, buildings and other level related items.

A familiarity with Source and Hammer is a big plus.


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03 March 2009, 11:20 PM
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