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Dalaran AW
07 July 2003, 08:07 PM
Hi there,

Listen up... :)

I have shot live-action footage of an actor (acting an ancient warrior). He is going to kick some guys ass with a magical Axe. He acted with a reference object for the magical Axe.
Now when he says a magical spell the weapon should come in his hand, on a magical way.

Does somebody has some suggestions how I can make it magical enough.. maybe with some glowing sparks. Or some green fire? I need some starting point so I can go ahead. I work with Maya, Digital Fusion, After Effects...


Dalaran AW

07 July 2003, 04:56 PM
1st of all your thread is a little confuse... but i dont mind myne are some times too :p

i had to do the same for one of the scenes of thje movie i“m making. "joanDeh“s" "Sonic Cacetete"(dunno how u call the policemen bastion) i had his bastion have a firetrail on it. Quite easy to do on Combustion2...Digital Fusion should have some tools like that as well. The play a little with the motion and once u“re satisfied with the effect u can then add or not more ffects to make it even more spectacular.

dunno if this helps, but hope so.

good luck:thumbsup:

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