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View Full Version : Rollout inside Rollout in Custom Attributes problem

03-05-2009, 03:38 AM
Hi There,
got a problem here..i wanna put a rollout inside another rollout, but the problem is : when i do that ..and evaluate it wonnt worrk..it's becoz the insside rollout parameteres specification..can any one help with this plz ? here is the code.

TempCA = Attributes Total_cnts
parameters parms rollout:pt_makerRollout
box_tick_prm type:#boolean ui:box_tick
cross_tick_prm type:#boolean ui:cross_tick
at_tick_prm type:#boolean ui:at_tick
pt_count_sp_prm type:#integer ui:pt_count_sp
pt_size_sp_prm type:#float ui:pt_size_sp
Dis_sp_prm type:#float ui:Dis_sp
axis_rb_prm type:#boolean ui:axis_rb
refNodes type:#maxObjectTab tabSize:0 tabSizeVariable:true
refPath type:#maxObjectTab tabSize:0 tabSizeVariable:true
pts_pos_tab type:#matrix3Tab tabSize:0 tabSizeVariable:true
pts_added_tab type:#matrix3Tab tabSize:0 tabSizeVariable:true

rollout test_roll "Test" width:160 height:168
button test_but "Test"
on test_but pressed do
rollout pt_makerRollout "Path Finding" width:160 height:168
checkbox box_tick "Box" pos:[16,24] width:48 height:16
groupBox pt_making_grp "Point Making:" pos:[8,8] width:144 height:248
checkbox cross_tick "Cross" pos:[16,40] width:48 height:16
checkbox at_tick "Tripod" pos:[16,56] width:72 height:16
spinner pt_count_sp "Count:" pos:[88,48] width:56 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
spinner pt_size_sp "Size:" pos:[96,72] width:48 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
button pt_maker_but "Make Path Pts" pos:[24,120] width:112 height:16
radioButtons axis_rb "Base on:" pos:[16,88] width:97 height:30 labels:#("X", "Y", "Z") columns:3
spinner Dis_sp "Dis:" pos:[88,24] width:56 height:16 range:[0,100,0]
listBox added_pts_lbx1 "Added Points" pos:[16,144] width:128 height:4
button Add_but "Add" pos:[16,232] width:56 height:16
button Delete_but "Delete" pos:[88,232] width:56 height:16
groupBox pick_path_grp "Path Picking:" pos:[7,264] width:144 height:40
pickButton Pth_picker_but "Select path " pos:[32,280] width:96 height:16
createDialog pt_makerRollout
custattributes.add $.modifiers[1] TempCA


03-05-2009, 04:25 AM
you can't put a rollout inside another rollout like that. you'll have to use subRollouts ( see the help file )

03-05-2009, 05:22 AM
you can't put a rollout inside another rollout like that. you'll have to use subRollouts ( see the help file )

Thanks dude, but subRollouts works for macros and floater dialogs..what about if use custom attributes difintions, i want it to be apear with pressing a button from modify panel(ob's attributes), it wont accept it with those paramters definations . ???

03-05-2009, 05:48 AM
you'd have to wrangle parameter <> UI linking manually if you want to use sub-rollouts. Might be easier to just add multiple rollouts and roll those up/down as desired? For something similar, see:


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03-05-2009, 05:48 AM
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