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03 March 2009, 08:05 PM
Hey Guys, maybe someone can help me. Im a total script noob ;)
Is it possible to Link/Bind an object to a specific poly of another object via script?
Thanks for any info on that subject.


03 March 2009, 08:28 PM
Get the vertex position / face center position / position on the face using the usual mesh/poly operations (where applicable), move the object in question to that position? Can do that in e.g. a scripted position controller.

I'm sure this topic has come up before, so have a search through the forums and also have a peek at - might be a prefab script up on there already :)

03 March 2009, 09:03 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to get the face and attach the object via attachment constraint (which you can also do via script as well)?

03 March 2009, 09:50 PM
you'd think :beer:

03 March 2009, 10:36 PM
well, the question would be what is faster, attachment controller, or script controller :thumbsup:

03 March 2009, 10:45 PM
Thanks for your quick answers they helped a lot!

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03 March 2009, 10:45 PM
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