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03 March 2009, 11:00 PM
Hey guys,

I know there are lots of threads going around about VFX schools and SCAD but I wonder totally different issue.
I applied for SCAD VFX department and applied for scholarship consideration. I've sent all my prof. and personal 3d - handdrawing - digital art works which are,I believe, good enough to be considered for scholarship. On the other side they will reply positively or negatively in 1 or 2 weeks. What I wonder, if there is anyone in this forum who has been qualified for scholarship in acceptance before? Full, half or any percentage ? And second one is, is it easy or hard to find scholarship from school after 1st year with good gpa ? Or is it me just dreaming about scholarship status ?

Any answer will be appreciated, especially from SCAD students :)

Take care...

03 March 2009, 12:43 AM
Alright, this wasn't for SCAD, but the situation is still somewhat applicable.

I would say if it's for an undergraduate degree, institutions don't seem to usually have super high standards for these kinds of things. Think of the people who are typically applying for these types of programs. They usually have little to no experience with this kind of work. Having good traditional art AS WELL as good CG work will put you in a good place with them.

Case in point, I'm a senior in the visual effects & motion graphics program at the art institute of Philadelphia. When I applied to the school, they had a scholarship contest geared towards high school seniors. Each major had different portfolio requirements, and with VFX you had to provide a demo reel. I had done some After Effects work in high school prior to that (mostly following tutorials, lightsabers, ect), and cut a VERY BAD reel together (very bad by any sort of graduate or professional standard). You know what they gave me? 2/3 of the total tuition for the entirety of the 3 years.

I knew from the start about another scholarship that they school gave out to seniors called the presidential scholarship, which they awarded 10 $7500, and 10 $5000 to selected students. I worked my ass off in school over the 2+ years, made myself very involved, and kept my grades high. I placed first in that competition, earning myself an additional $7500 towards my tuition.

Like I said, SCAD can be very different, but it's something to compare to at least. There are a lot of scholarships floating around, and you just need to GO AFTER THEM. It's worth it. Check with SCAD to see what they offer in aid continuing students.

Good luck!

(This post was not by any means an attempt at show-boating, just an example to point the OP in the right direction.)

03 March 2009, 01:44 AM
I am currently at SCAD for vsfx. I was awarded a fairly good scholarship: ($18,000 per year). Actually most students have some bit of portfolio or academic scholarships. I would think a full scholarship is very rare. You would have to have an incredible portfolio or have perfect academics. There are lots of scholarships though. SCAD scholarships for incoming students are awarded as "Per year," meaning that if you were to get a $15,000 scholarship, it would automatically be applied each year of attendance. Scholarship amount is also based on whether you live on campus or not, and if you are a full time student.

SCAD also has many scholarships for continuing students ( that you can apply for in the spring quarter to be applied to the following year.

SCAD is very expensive, but they prepare you fairly well and the school is known by many large companies, so you should be able to pay off loans if you work hard and get a good job.

03 March 2009, 02:30 PM
Hey there,

Thanks for those responses guys, I really understand the situation now... And now It's little hard to wait here.

jaredr, thanks for the link, i did not notice this scholarships til you posted, since I'm planning to take a big amount of loan from banks or ins. those will help me a lot !

But what I understand from your responses is taking scholarship is not a big deal or hard stuff to achive if you have something good to demostrate in your field. May be there can be problem with being International student,I dont know what you guys gonna say about it :)

Anyway thanks for the responses, they really helped me... I will wait for acceptance...

04 April 2009, 01:57 AM
is it possible to get waiver to complete the degree in 2-3 years? and possible to skip summer holidays to quickly finish up your degree?

04 April 2009, 05:26 AM
SCAD has an optional summer quarter that you could take advantage of. You could graduate in 3 years if you used all of them. Most students don't though, I think because of the intensity of the regular year, and it gets really hot in Savannah during the summer. You could also use transfer credits from previous schooling toward your degree. I wouldn't think its likely for an undergrad to graduate in less than 3 years. The graduate programs are a lot shorter though.

SCAD has a really good international student program. A good percentage of SCAD is international students. See the website.

04 April 2009, 09:08 PM
There are a few reasons, at least from talking to friends of mine(I go to SCAD as well), why most students don't do summer classes.

One of the major reasons is money. SCAD is expensive, they market themselves as the best and they charge for it too. For summer it is the same for tuition but I believe you have to pay extra to live on campus over summer breaks. At least with summer breaks you get time to go home and work and earn some money.

Another is how intense the work load can get. I can't speak for other majors but for VisFX at SCAD you spend most of your time at the building working. Unless of course you have a personal computer that has all the tools you need to do projects. On average I spend about 10-16 hours at Montgomery(the building that VisFX and a few other majors are) a day. True, depending on the day, either 3 or 6 hours of it is class, but the rest of it is purely working on projects, personal or class related.

As to the original poster, there are many scholarships available to students. I would highly recommend SCAD if you are serious about VisFX. It is intense but worth it. Another great perk about going to SCAD is that many major companies do know about us and the quality of students. We have(speaking for VisFX strictly) many professors who have worked in the industry, the ones that haven't are excellent in their own respects and don't need the backing of a company on their resume. Since there are a lot of connections to the industry we get great guest speakers and companies coming in to talk to us and look at portfolios. In fact we just had Blue Sky here who talked to us about their workflow and the company as a whole.

I guess I am a little biased since I love the place.

I hope you get accepted!

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