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07 July 2003, 04:20 PM
What do you think ?

There are a few rules (or maybe limitations ?) in the real world, can or should you break these rules in 3D ?
I normally would stick to these rules, because in my opinion everything else, Ok maybe not everything else, just looks weird !

It would be great to see some of your work, where your broke these rules in purpose, or post some examples from the movies.

07 July 2003, 05:31 PM
Sure, go ahead and break some rules... as long as it's in good taste. There are some rules though that maybe should not be broken, like the 180 degree rule, because it just confuses the viewer. Hey, if nobody ever breaks any rules then progress is not possible.

Steve Warner
07 July 2003, 07:24 PM
Originally posted by robinson
can or should you break these rules in 3D ?
Can you? Yes. Should you? It depends on the shot you're after. In the real world, a camera is fixed to a tripod and moved on tracks, roaming via a steadycam, or just locked so that it can pan and tilt. These are the primary ways a camera moves (disregarding expensive motion control rigs). In 3D, you don't have these limitations. But often times, you try to mimic them so that the camera motion feels "natural." It's basically the same thing we do in post when we add film grain to our video footage to make it look more "natural." If you're trying to do something avant garde, go crazy. But if you're simply trying to tell a story, it's best to stick to traditional camera moves. Remember, if you call attention to the camera work for very long, it detracts from your characters and the script. The camera should disappear from the viewer's conscience, just like well orchestrated music. It shouldn't call attention to itself, but should augment what's happening on screen.

Just my 2-cents. :)


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