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07 July 2003, 10:34 AM
I've done a demo reel with stuff few months ago, I thought you might like seeing it.
Give me you're feedback on it please.

07 July 2003, 03:00 PM
BM: Gonna do the best I can and critique your reel in list fashion in no particular order:

1. First I am trying to determine what it is you are specifically aiming for in 3d. From the looks of the reel and it's focus on the red guy being chased by SWAT I will assume you're interested in animation.

2. I don't like how your story is broken up with various model turntables. It destroys the flow of the animation and the story. What I would prefer to see is the whole story first followed by models and any 2d artwork. (Or have the models first if that is what you're most proud of.)

3. The music is also a little too harsh for the reel. I made the same mistake on my reel (see it on my website) and in my next version the music is going to be a little less "techno-ish". Stay away from popular music as well (no Eminem or Limp Biskit). Use something no one has heard but is still catchy.

4. You should also put your contact info at the beginning of your reel, in case someone decides not to play it all the way through. And I would lose the logo at the beginning, because part of it is untextured default grey and it really doesn't contribute to your "brand recognition". I have a logo (as you will see on my website and demo AND letterhead (all found on the site)) and by using it the way I have people can immediately recognize me based on that.

5. Models: I'm not really a modelling guru but I know a lot about anatomy and can offer a few suggestions. The tribal guy would look much better if his head and shoulders didn't meet the torso the way they do. Keep working to make the biceps and shoulders "flow" into the torso and connect, rather than looking like they are articulated. Make the head and neck come together seamlessly. I personally don't like seeing models in the T-pose. It would be great if you could throw a quick rig in there, pose him, then fix any deformation problems prior to rendering. I don't have anything to say about the bear. The wizard is a very simple character, especially the clothing, not that there's anything wrong with that. But the model could be more detailed, and the face is hard to recognize. Good thing it was quicktime and I can scrub through frames, or I never would've seen it.

6. Biggest thing in your reel seems to be animation, again. There are some parts in your animation where the action "hangs". Such as the view through the rifle scope aimed at the red guy. The flying camera would be better replaced with a cut, then a pan across the red guy to keep showing the swat guy in view. After that shot he is immediately flying into the air. We don't see him jump or liftoff so this is kindof jilting to the viewer. "How did he all-of-a-sudden get into the air?" His landing was fairly weightless. We need more oomph! The helicopters are obviously on motion paths, which CAN work, but in addition to making it follow the path, you should have an extra transform in the heirarchy of the chopper to animate translation and rotation by hand. Break up the flow of the path. I also don't understand the red guy's mid-air direction change while he's flying. Last thing I would like to say is that there doesn't seem to be much for an "ending" to this short. I'm assuming he loses the helicopter, but we need to see the chopper looking around and the red guy observing from a distance as the give up and fly away. Something like that.

7. Your reel wasn't all bad ;) and I know I've been going on and on. There were some things I liked. Namely the shot inside the helicopter felt right. I felt like I was in an airborn machine that wasn't entirely stable. Good camera work and shot composition, aside from the flying camera. Lastly, good job on making him bust through the wall. Not an easy thing to do! Keep up the good work and let me know the next time you put a reel out. Hope this helps!

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