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03 March 2009, 05:58 PM
( to me is a journey to the bottom of sea. Therefore explored a human discovers a new species is quite rare mammal or a fish is to be a mechanic but I live which is composed of cable and gears, obviously frightened creature. When you feel the presence of submarine.Well the picture shows the discovery of a new species quite rare actors: 1. The protagonist: the machine alive,is very much like a rare jewel and as reflected by the rarity is in the bottom of the ocean. Well it is very luminous and sumptuous proved all the wealth that nature is or may be in the background. 2. That is just human hand but felt his presence and is managed by the submarine,still be able to see the human hand does not show aggressive laser does not seem very peaceful indeed what we do is analyze laser to the new species.
This way if that is not aggressive it seems to want is to bet and if it is clear that even our curiosity is not bad intentions for a species was discovered by a man is threatening their existence. celebrate the discovery of a species as a good thing but it's good for the species itself. I think not. 3. The submarine can not be seen but his performance has since launched a laser on the sample and be part of a display inside the creature.
Monitor: This is a sample room and art of parasites showing a table showing four scenes from "Creature Machine". Finally, there is the players:
The parasites that we see the screen are not true parasites, they are living beings in society live within the machine and acts as a tiny mechanical, but the image of them is not explained anything since I do not want players that just showing as a part of seeing his art shows that companies will be as complex as us. Namely Are crabs, shrimp, mussels, squid and jellyfish decorate indicate that apart from the area where the very bottom of the sea.
a larva of the creature inside of a cave used to show hidden mysteries apart is that his role as if he eats rocks is easy to imagine that the cave was made by people like him or.
but if you hope my image is satisfactory

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03 March 2009, 05:58 PM
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