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03 March 2009, 02:26 PM
( Forgotten Goddess - LADY BAST.

Digital Mixed Media- 3ds Max, Photoshop

The core idea of my painting is about the long forgotten goddess- Lady Bast, the sole guardian of all cats who matters life and death.
Here, I would like to imitate the timeless visual style of Jacek Yerka for presenting my shallow imagination towards Lady Bast. Below are sort of key points that keep playing in my head while I worked on it.

“…No longer people worship and pray to her. No one ever comes to visit her. Nor anybody writes to her no more. The mundane world totally forgot about her. Yet, she remains unchanged with her youthfulness and stays quietly in her little mid-world which crosses the timeline of all worlds. Her native ancient Egyptian links are faded away along time and clings to others; what left over are the weathered hieroglyphic relief as a memorial and the gorgeous mystical ornaments that she wore once upon a time. Now, she has given it to her last remaining loyal follower that lives by her side which in the form of a black cat.

She has been busy in writing about everything in a little note pieces and let it all scatter around in her territory. That would keep her busy in the eon of time. Soon, it has accumulated in an enormous amount and pile up like a fallen leaves through out the entire mid-world. One day, the Wind of North East passed by and had an idea; He planted the stolen magic branch at her home as a hideous form of disposal. Then, he whirled ups all the sticky notes and transforms it into the golden flaming leaves as part of the branch. Thus, it forms the Tree of Secrets.

The shiny flaming Tree of Secrets has attracted the wise king of all fish across the ocean of seven seas. He comes and stays to read them all. Later, he decided to settle down here and devoted to be the guardian of the secrets. As a token of appreciation and eternal friendship, Lady Bast gave him a Ring of Repulsion to pierce in. Thus, he is no longer fearful of his own weakness against the bait of man.

Soon, the mid-world of Lady Bast begin to blossom and mails are flooding in for seek of secrets. This time she gets her hands on the typewriter and busy for replying them all slowly…..”

03 March 2009, 09:32 PM
Good luck!

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