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07 July 2003, 08:27 PM

Do you know some plugins that worked as light effects, like Shine and Lens flare? Could you help give me a little list of this kind plugins and where can I find them?


Jack Pfeiffer
07 July 2003, 08:32 AM

About Lens Flares...

1) If you how to use the Combustion Operators (effects,) Combustion can, in fact, create some types of flares all without plug-ins... If you would like to learn how, see this free tutorial over at the The lesson will teach you how to create the effect of rays just by use a keying operator and dolly blur operator in Combustion. Note: this technique can also be done in After Effects.

As for buying Plug-ins: They will overall make your job easier and faster...

2) Trapcode "Shine" workes extremely well and is very popular. It is also affordable. Read about it or download a demo at:

3) You can also consider (for more money) Puffin Designs Knoll Lens Flare Pro. Note: Pufin got bought by Pinnacle, so it is now also known as "Pinnacle Systems Knoll Lens Flare Pro." You can read a background report in this press release here:
By the way, the Puffin Webpage is but when I tried to access it, the website was not working ....

4) DigiEffects has a Plug-in package called Delirium, with 40 different effects, including a lens flare. However, Discreet reported in May 2002 that they tested Delirium, and, while the other effects mostly worked, the Lens Flare did NOT work. Read about DigiEfects here:

5) There are probably a lot of other Adobe After Effects Flare Plug-ins out there... However, since I don't do AE, I am not the one to know about 'em.. Generally, 3rd party AE plug-ins MAY work: Before you BUY, be sure to try a DEMO version FIRST to verify that they do, in fact work.. Discreet has a list of SOME 3rd-party plug-ins that they have "tested" at their combustion Support website (that is dated May 2002, and in NO way includes all of the various Adobe After efects Plug-ins out there....) But you can read it here:

Does that help you?

Keep Combustin'


07 July 2003, 01:55 PM

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