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07 July 2003, 05:28 PM
Hy CGTalkie´s!!
i´m finished my paint, based on the scene of animatrix second renaissance!

and the big size 1600x1200 (

thnk´s guy´s!

07 July 2003, 12:54 AM
It's technically a good piece.. but to invest so much time on an image FRAMED exactly the same way as the animatrix shot.. with very few differences, won't go very far to speak of your own skills as an artist.

You'll never be able to improve on the images created in the animatrix, the matrix, or whatever other inspiration you draw from because they are no longer original, they've been done, and no one can do them better.

You are better off using concepts, ideas and inspiration from a whole gamut of art works, or movies and combining them into an idea you can call your own.

i don't mean to offend you.. obviously you have the ability to work a pen... so think of something you can call your own and WORK IT! :D

07 July 2003, 03:16 PM
Everything Well... it lets me to explain to him some things!
I don't want to offend you, for the I contradict understood her comment calmly and I don't contradict him. A great comment that deserves respect!

But some considerations ok!
Something is only yours really, when this only in his mind, starting from the moment that you half transfer his thought for the paper or other that other people can visualize, that has just stopped being yours! Now he belongs to the spectator that this looking at his work! This is my reasoning line on what is really ours!

That art especially, I simply did to flee of the stress, without any intention of promoting me! But I thought he should share my expression of that scene, not with the intention of to plagiarize or to overcome something already servant!

About the originality of that scene, well she was not created for the animatrix, but copied of the real life! That scene I attended in a documentary on the civil war in Rwanda! Where two ethnic groups were in conflict, the scene is the same that I attended in the documentary, while he lived in Japan,
The Own director of animation of the episodes as speech in the making of that he used the humanity's a lot of historical reference to show the human cruelty!

To create, the yes I make a lot that, I have books and more books with Japanese art, American, African, Chinese and obviously Brazilian!
Many styles and techniques, and I think to create it is a divine action! Like me I love to do mine, character, mainly creations hi-tec and biomechanical!
It would like you to visit my site to see some of my creations, and I am sure that you anger to see that I am also a little creative!

I think we were like this understood my friend!
I Respect him because it was sincere and it sought the good, for me and my development as artist! Thank you!

I hope to talk with you more times!

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