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Jack Pfeiffer
07 July 2003, 12:08 PM
Hello All:

Discreet has just announced a free & unique way to help Combustion users "Jump Start" their combustion learning experience!

Discreet has posted at their webiste about 30 completed combustion workspaces (CWS) that demonstrate effects, techniques and more. You can use each CWS as a learning tool to see how things are done, or, use the CWS as a starting point for, or addition to, your very Combustion projects.

The type of CWS projects you will are find include:

Effects-Based CWS examples: Projector.cws; Magnifying_Glass.cws; global_002.cws

Motion Graphics-Based CWS examples: Paintlayers3Dspace2.cws; Funky_bg.cws; Psychedelic.cws; StripeBall.cws; paint_TextJumble.cws; box_master.cws; gradient bands.cws; smiley.cws; wackadoo_paint.cws; Psychedelic_wave.cws; particle.cws

Text-Based CWS examples: paint_InvertSelectionAnim.cws; Handwritting.cws; Create_2.cws; Neon Flicker.cws; VH Text Glow.cws; Bubbletext.cws; Slotmachine.cws; Cylinder_text.cws

Transition-Based CWS examples: Blind_Trans.cws; Center_Twist.cws; Rip_Trans.cws; Blockturn.cws; flip.cws; Puzzle.cws; Drill.cws; AtoB_Sphere_Spin.cws

To use the CWS projects, you will need combustion v2 (full or demo software.) Just download and open the corresponding .cws file and be sure to also get the "How To..." PDF, which will guide you through the process of using the workspaces.




Jack Pfeiffer

07 July 2003, 10:04 AM
shot in the arm jack...shot in the arm.Thanks
Although the community would also benifit from learning from this

his afx tuts are super trippy :cool:

thanks again.

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