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05 May 2002, 01:25 PM
hi everybody

just let's put some review of renderes here,anybody who has
a renderer & is most experienced with, put some line here &
let me know about the [...] renderer's pros & cons.
for example:

i'm a novice experienced with: brazil, vray, mental ray, prman,...

1. raytracer: realistic & fast enough to be practical (9of10)
2. GI : gives very good quality but sloooow! (if you want get rid of noises) (8of10)
3. motion blur: beta 2 version does not support!
4. caustic: hmmm, no idea
5. soft shadows: good but a little noisy (7of10)
6. picture quality (shadings): excellent, shows details 9of10)
6. overall: ...

this is an exaple, we could add more topics & more complex comments on them...any suggestion? could we draw a chart?



05 May 2002, 12:03 PM
Hi... would change a thing or two on Brazil... now that the new 0.4.53 pub is out. This is my jugdement on the pub. Some scores are low because the full is much better in that area.

1. raytracer: realistic & very fast 10/10

2. GI : gives very good quality but still a little slow. This would be very different if you are using the full version that has photons support. 8/10

3. motion blur: full version got own mblur.. in you have to use the multi-pass cam effect. 6/10

4. caustic: yes, but to get defined caustics you need photons 7/10

5. soft shadows: only shadow maps and normal raytraced shadows in the pub version. Full got it all. You can use geometry lights in the pub but that is still quite slow. 7/10

6. picture quality (shadings): excellent 10/10

7. Stability: besides a few known bugs that are being killed its rock solid 9/10

8. Scaleable: can you say 100mil polys? 10/10

9. DOF: powerfull, a bit slow when combined with Gi. future versions will properly help here. 8/10

10. AA: excellent 10/10

11. Distributed rendering: only the full version will let you use more than one computer on the same frame. You can use normal netrender to distribute frames on a network in the pub. 7/10

12. extras: csg plane, AA jitter, special brazil mat. full version got even more stuff like special camera 8/10

13. support: forum and chat both filled with nice and helpfull people. 9/10

14. overall: free, better, faster, more powerfull, easier... 10/10

There properly should be even more things you would consider.... this is what I could come up with.

05 May 2002, 10:00 PM
thank you very much mlykke
well...anbody here wanna review VRay or anything else?! :)
i'll upload some test images rendered by vray/brazil/max soon...

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