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07 July 2003, 04:06 PM
just wondering if anyone else is having this's what i'm doing

i create a null and then apply hypervoxel to it, now for the first few minuts everything is gravy, the hypervoxel shows up and moves to where the null is now after about 10 min of moving and/or animating the hypervoxel suddenly forgets that it's with the null and is rendered at the origin 0,0,0 no matter where i put the null....the only way i've seen to fix it is to start over and watch it eniviatably happen again

thanks for any help guys

07 July 2003, 10:46 PM
the usual phenomenon I see is the HV's just suddenly don't feel like rendering anymore.

You aren't talking about the Viper preview by any chance, I'm assuming... as it has a "Particle" preview that puts one particle in the preview regardless of the camera...

If this is happening and it "stays" with the scene (i.e. save and reload doesn't work) consider saving new versions of a simple scene every few saves, and when it happens compare a good scene with a broken one in a text editor, see if you can spot something (search on Voxels to find the right section). If you find out shat changes, you could rescue your work by changing it back.

That would be tougher if it keeps happening to you in a complex scene rather than just the one null ...

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