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05 May 2002, 09:30 AM
Hi. I haven't posted anything of my own here for a while. I decided to break that trend with a design I made after a marathon of watching the entire evangelion series in one weekend. I'll refrain from giving my synopsis of the ending movie. I'll just say I'd highly recommend the series as a whole. First I'll give you the final sketch:
Mucho C&C please! gracias!
and I upped the color test as an attatchment:

05 May 2002, 06:49 PM
182 views and no reply.... it's a shame!:shame:

Anyway I think the robot looks kinda ordinary, just like those bot's from Gundam and Evagelion allthough they had more detail. I think that is what is lacking the concept: detail. All though the design is okay It could use some more detail and dinamic's, for instance, show how he works, that it is not just a man in a suit but a real robot..... Those things on his shoulder are a bit to overdone...

I hope I didn't discouraged you, You just need keep it going and post more because you're are great artist!!!!!!! What may help is to draw the figure first in front view and later in a pose.


05 May 2002, 07:41 PM
YAAAY!! 2 replies! They don't hate me!!:bounce: thanks to both of you. I agree with what you said entirely. However, this was sort of a half fanart. I had just gotten done watching a marathon of the entire series and I said to myself (in a sleep deprived stupor) "Those things are shiny and cool! I wanna make one!" so there you have it. As for the shoulders, that was sort of intentional. I wanted to make it sort of stylized like the angels. The spikes are sort of folded in until it goes into "combat mode" or something. I have got a ton to learn, and I'm not going into college for a while (I'm going in the army first) so right now I'm just doodling away and trying to learn all I can. thanks for allowing me to chew your ear.

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