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07-01-2003, 03:44 AM
actually I decided to do a 3D animation and the character is in fur, so
~~Is it a good idea to use saslite for an entire animation?and easy to use?

~~Is it take long time for rendering if there is in out door afternoon?

++Can u give any idea or suggestion to me " ":wip:

07-01-2003, 05:50 AM
Render time depends on how much you are making saslite work. higher density takes longer.

Problems you may run into are-

Saslite doesn't work with network rendering

Limited amount of plugins you can add to an object. The full version lets you add many different displacement plugnis to creat different settings.

Saslite limits you on settings. The AA isn't as good as the full version. Density, among others, can't be overcranked.

There are more limitations but it may give you enough for what you are doing. Keep us informed.

07-01-2003, 07:30 AM
What's the matter with your thread names? Trying to get more attention?

07-01-2003, 07:44 AM
Originally posted by Tudor
What's the matter with your thread names? Trying to get more attention?

Indeed. Only thing that will happen over time in this particular forum will be the ire level going up.

I would point you to the top of the thread list, the please read this important message thread, specifically naming threads something comprehesive so people will know what is going on before they land in pissed off land.

Not that I am mind you :) Just words of experience.

07-01-2003, 09:24 AM
I had no trouble with figuring out someone had a question about saslite from the name. We don't really see that many threads showing off how limited the plugin is.

"~~~Saslite~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" implies more of a question, given it's nature, than "))** Character Animation **((" Does. :)

07-01-2003, 02:14 PM
Also Saslite doesn't render behind glass,is unaffected by motion blur and does not work with digital confusion.
Although I still find it quite useful and serviceable.

Just finished a 30sec TVC using Saslite if you are interested in having a look.
7.5MB Mpeg1

Can anyone tell me if the full version of Sasquatch allows you to render behind a transparent surface is affected by motion blur and works with Digital confusion?

07-01-2003, 05:08 PM
I can't remember if it works with Digital Confusion. I think Worley added z-buffer output in 1.5, so it should. If it doesn't it would likely be DC screwing it up on it's end.

Transparencies and motion blur work with the full version. The transparency thing is a nasty hack though. You have to tell it how many layers of transparent materials are in front of it. It won't show up in reflections though. Not until he either makes a "reflection of sasquatch" shader or finnaly rewrites it as a volumetric class plugin instead of a volumetric render engine applying a 2d image in post.

07-02-2003, 12:04 AM
Thanks for the reply Lwbob

07-02-2003, 12:57 AM
no problem

07-02-2003, 12:30 PM
Does the full version of Sas Lite support network rendering?

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