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02 February 2009, 04:27 AM

Long time I was hassitating to post here somthing, but here it is, my first post here ;]

I would like to here some critique, good advices, what to improve and all that stuff you people with great skills can give. I'v got my wacom 2 months ago and now trying to gat used to digital painting.

Not my first ever but first I'm kinda happy with:

PS. and sorry for my bad english

PS.2 I'v edited name of the thread as I think I wont be putting here all my works together :)

02 February 2009, 11:04 AM
You're brave....I'm still hesitating to post my work here.. ;)

Your image is indeed looking good. There could be a little more elements in the picture. I'd love to see some parts of the ship closer to the "camera". All those little critters that live in the sea could bring more life to the general mood.

Values are good but You could make the light penetrating the water from the surface more stronger. The ambient light is scarce in water and it gets very dark faster than above the surface. If you'd have only that dim light of the background most of the things that we see in the picture would be almost black. You can correct some of it with changing the direction of that gradient in the back to it's opposite. Darker shade downwards and brighter upwards.

You could crop it in tighter. I'd like to see more of that diver and what he's after. Maybe place the domeshaped item closer to the viewer for better information and have the diver come towards us more. The item is now too small for us to see what it is and it makes the viewer less interested at the diver.

02 February 2009, 10:07 PM

I think sooner I'll put my efforts out to a 'day light' sooner I'll get so usefull advices as yours and sooner I'll be able to improve :thumbsup:

Thanks for your advices, I'll see what I can dig up with them and post as soon as posible.

02 February 2009, 04:30 AM
A quick thought - you have a nice underwater lighting effect but he looks pasted on top of it - if everything else is blurry he needs a bit of that as well (mostly his mask and respirator). I think if you got rid of the black lines around his body/equipment that would help.



02 February 2009, 12:36 PM
Thanks for suggestions, I'll try to aply them.

Also I'm trying to change the composition and make it more interesting. I'm trying to put the diver closer to viwer, make the 'treasure' somthing diferent and I'll add some kind of sea monster [maybe shark or octopus] lurking in the darknes on the left side of pic.

As I'm not an art student and have no stright art education so it's harder than I though it'll be. :rolleyes:

Recently I'v read about THE RULE OF THIRDS in painting and photography and I'm trying to add this rule to my pic.

Now I'm at work and left my laptop at home but I think I'll manage to update tomorrow.

02 February 2009, 02:06 PM
looks very good :) I would like to see some sort of story behind this, is cool though... :)

02 February 2009, 01:40 PM
OK, here's the changed composition.

As you can see I'v changed position of a diver, slightly changed perspective, added shark on the left side and changed the 'thing' diver is after. I was trying to make the whole pic more interesting.

It's still WIP soo I'm planning to add in next step more life to the sea-bottom [little sea creatures, fishes and plants] tweak and finish the diver, maybe change the treasure becouse I'm not quite happy of it :curious:

Crits would be more than welcome.

02 February 2009, 02:09 PM
Your picture is certainly now more dynamic than it was before :) However - some of those nice colours you had on the first one is gone now. I especially like the outstretched hand and the effect you have on the diver's .. what's it called.. suit..? But the colour of the hand on the left and the legs should be more in line with the shades of water than the saturated purple of his upper body that are closer to the item that gleams before him. This would add the feeling of watery surroundings and depth.

The shark needs some definition. Perhaps it should be just a tiny tad lighter than it's surroundings to make us see it better.

Good work :)

02 February 2009, 03:48 PM
wow thats quite an improvement! The way he's reaching for something interesting was exactly what i meant by some kind of story :applause:

I do agree about the water depth and feel though, like it almost doesnt look like water (but obviously we know it is)

02 February 2009, 05:18 PM

Thanks for your comment and suggestions, they are very helpfull [as you can see :)]

Lack of previous collor's was an effect of swiching gradient so the brighter collor is up at the surface and darker at the bottom [isn't it logical? how the hell I didn't get this by myself? :) ]
Diver still needs more work, exacly in the areas you pointed out. Also I think I'll add more reflex from the glowing thingy on the respirator and mask, make his eye's visible through glass of face-mask and maybe add a harpoon in his free hand. Also I'll try to work somthing out with the shark.


Thank for comments, I'm happy you like it.

As for the water depth I'll try to add some kind of [hmmm how do we call it?] living micro biomass floating in the water :D and maybe when I'll add some fishes, bublles and stuff it will give more underwater fell.

Besides all that, I was thinking about how watcher's eyes are running around pic [from the brightest spot with is defenitivley first you look at] I overpainted those spots in 'paint' and I'm thinking theres missing something at the middle bottom of the pic :) What do you think?

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02 February 2009, 05:18 PM
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