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02 February 2009, 03:36 AM
Hello everyone! I have a question:

I want to create a button that you can click it and then add a new button just like the Multi/Sub-Object material .
I donít know how to make it.

Anyone could help me?
Thank you!

02 February 2009, 09:06 AM
you would have to create a dynamic UI... you can either...

A. Use maxscript UI elements
in which case you'll have to either...
A.a Build the rollout, as a string, yourself - then evaluate that string and open that new rollout to update your UI
A.b Use the RolloutCreator (see help file) to help you build the rollout and open that new rollout to update your UI

basic example:

global roll_buttons
global build_rollout

fn addAnotherButton = (
roll_buttons_count += 1
counter = roll_buttons_count as string
roll_buttons += "button btn_" + counter + " \"Button " + counter + "\"\n"
roll_header = "
rollout roll_test \"test\" (
button btn_test \"test\"
on btn_test pressed do (
destroyDialog roll_test
createDialog (buildRollout())
roll_footer = "
label lbl_test \"test\"
roll_buttons = ""
roll_buttons_count = 0

fn buildRollout = (
execute (roll_header + roll_buttons + roll_footer)
createDialog (buildRollout())

B. Use .NET
.NET gives you the advantage of adding buttons to a UI without having to close/re-open that UI. The disadvantage is that these buttons -have- to be .NET buttons, within a .NET form or other .NET-controls-capable .NET control (e.g. a tab), onto which you cannot place any MaxScript controls.

rollout roll_test "test" width:220 height:220 (
dotNetControl dnc_panel "Windows.Forms.Panel" width:200 height:200

local numButtons = 0
fn clickFunc sender args = (
numButtons += 1
local newButton = (dotNetObject "Windows.Forms.Button")
newButton.text = "Button " + numButtons as string = 24 * numButtons
dnc_panel.controls.add newButton
on roll_test open do (
dnc_panel.autoScroll = true -- in case of many buttons
local firstButton = (dotNetObject "Windows.Forms.Button")
firstButton.text = "Hello"
dnc_panel.controls.add firstButton
dotNet.addEventHandler firstButton "click" clickfunc
createDialog roll_test

02 February 2009, 01:35 PM
You're so kindhearted.
I'm reading your MAXScript and trying to get it.
Thanks a lot!

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02 February 2009, 01:35 PM
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