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05 May 2002, 02:23 AM
Hi all .!

When I was playing games like QUAKE , UNREAL or COUNTER STRIKE i wanted to create some of my maps .
I'm useing Maya and there is a problem of Haw I can do maps for game engines like QUAKE (based on BSP format) ?
I dind't found any converter .
I mean it's stupid to do maps in all those level editors like Radiant .
I found some converter at QuakeRally mod but it's not work's right . I need just to create objects .
By the way those edit Tools form QUake are moust hardest software to create 3D geometry in the World . Why they did'n make them easy . I dont understand.....

My question is Haw U guys creating maps ?

Thank's for help...

05 May 2002, 10:40 PM
we all use game-specific level editors. maybe you should try them for a bit, compared to stuff like maya they are really easy...

05 May 2002, 09:51 PM
Maybe U work a lot of time on this kind of level editors but for me keeping for example every object based on box is terrible.
They even don't have user friendly desktop. I'm workin for long time in 3D industry for movies and I can tell U that working with for example radiant is sueside..
I was working in all software for 3D and MAYA is the easyest of all for low polly and map makeing..
Maybe some converters U know ?

Thanx for reply...


05 May 2002, 03:09 AM
I'm pretty much on your side with this problem Argail, I think the level editors are usually (Atleast the ones I've used in the past) quite crappy when compared to a real 3D modeler, and I would just LOVE if I could do for an example maps for quake directly in Maya... though I'm quite sure there aren't any converters to any 3D program for any map fileformat :cry: :thumbsdow

05 May 2002, 09:09 AM
There is one but it's useles.
It's convert's every polygon and extrude it. But it's all'so have some grid on the scene that's snaps every vertex to it and changes whole scene. Allso u need to convert everythink to the quads or triangles :(
It's on quakerally web.

But there is hope in new Unreal Tournament 2003 level editor that have even bether tools to create levels . I think it's outstanding.... i'v seen it on some clips from UT 2

I know thah it's not hard to do this kind of converter form Maya because form max there is one..

05 May 2002, 10:42 AM
I work in the games industry, and I have used _loads_ of different level editors in the past. I also have experience with several 3D programs, and I teach level design at a university.

There are several reasons editors are the way they are. Some games will let you import data straight from Max or Maya, others require a custom editor, others still have an editor which can also read standard 3d file formats so you can build in your 3d app as well as in the editor.

This is due to data formats and 3d structure expected by the respective games. For most games that support community modification, you are better off learning the editor.

Where they exist and are publicly available, game specific editors are much better suited than general purpose 3d suites such as Maya etc.

Bottom line: you are better off investing a few days learning the how the editor works - and also
*why* it works the way it does - than trying to assemble a complicated content path the only suits you better because you don't want to learn another tool.

Trust me - the above is the reason I had to hire 2 mappers this year instead of letting our gfx guys do stuff in Maya.


05 May 2002, 12:02 PM
I admit that i'm not the game maker and my knowledge about game industry is small . But take it form my point of view i can say one think . Ability to create own tools (not sofistikated) in Maya script is very easy . I think that's is good to have more ways to make work quicker and all map editors don't have it .
Games are changing , numbers of polygons in scene is growing very fast and if U are working in game industry U have to admit that creating some more detailed maps IS HARD in those level editors . If I'm not right then why new level editing tools are going to math with normal 3d tools ?
When I was waching level editing tool from MORROWIND I can tell that the new tools thay created are going to make creating levels easyer .
And the moust important think is that better is to have one level editing tool then new for each engine . Especialy if U can change it very easy...
After all I can be wrong . :)
It's beter to think abaout look of Your's work than thinking about way to do it....

Greetings. Kandyman,.

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