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06 June 2003, 05:04 AM
HI, this is a model, created for advertising purposes, using light tracer advanced lighting engine, and one of my first mechanical models. :blush:

critics are welcome, :thumbsup:

thanx in advance.

:D cocoon

06 June 2003, 10:55 AM
Very original, GJ. :buttrock: Only thing I can really say is the faces on the robots look a tad odd.

06 June 2003, 12:43 PM
i love the concept..
looks like he saying "to be, or not to be?"..hehe

BTW great hand... i love the fingers..:cool:

06 June 2003, 02:48 PM
I like the IDEA itself - but style is a lillbit unserious - more realistic mexhanics I suggest! :thumbsup:

06 June 2003, 04:39 PM
As was said, I really like the idea. But I think itneeds two things. One get a good metalic texture for that neck and what not, and Two, add ALOT more of those other robots trailing into the distance. That would give it a neater feel. Good work!


06 June 2003, 09:11 PM
Cool idea!:thumbsup: And nice rendering! How did you do that? Global Illumination or Final Gathering? What render-software etc? The only thing that pops up is that the background is a bit disturbing/eye-catching, perhaps it could be under the main character somehow... I dunno, intriguing stuff anyway!

Tomas Andreasson

06 June 2003, 09:30 PM
Originally posted by Pezz3D
Very original, GJ. :buttrock: Only thing I can really say is the faces on the robots look a tad odd.

No offense but it's not really very original.. but I guess you didn't see the Bjork video"All is Love" or have ever heard of Chris Cunningham?

Come to think of it.. I made a sculpture in 1988 that was robotic torso with a sheetmetal ribcage and wires etc and I had made a porcelein life mask of my own face for the head... the face more or less looked like these.

The influence of the ideas comes from I guess the japanse kabuki that commonly uses ceramic masks that are often white although usually painted with some sort of design or makeup.

Personally I don't know what gave me the idea to combine robots and porcelien but I have allways been a big fan of the movie Terminator so I can only assume that has something to do with it and I was at the time very interested in Japanese culture.

06 June 2003, 09:50 PM
Reminds me of AI.. Interesting feel.

06 June 2003, 10:53 PM
awesome looks wicked!

06 June 2003, 05:56 AM
hi again, thanx for all the replies. To Andreasson it was the new advanced light rendering of 3dsmax called Light Tracer. If you want to know how to use it, let me know and I´ll be ready to help.

And to Gmask, I´m a big fan of Björk and I don´t consider that a copy, I just got inspired in his work, and i gave my own idea to it.

:cool: thanx everyone for your sugestions and crits. :thumbsup:


06 June 2003, 02:31 PM
Thanks but I'm using XSI, and there is similar functions but "we" call it something else. I was just curios. There is so many things to learn. I have used 3D now for a lot of years and I have learned something like 5% of the software... It's(I'm) hopeless!

But thanks for the offer to help.

Tomas Andreasson

07 July 2003, 11:33 AM
looks like a torn apart firby...


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