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01 January 2009, 06:33 PM
Hello people! i hope this is the right thread to post new sketchbooks?

Anyway my name is Robbie Allen, i became a member of the site a few weeks ago but havn't used it until the last couple of days.
So I'm starting afresh, and i want to master the basics and strive forward to improve my art every day from now as much as i can before i come across a stubling block (which hopefully won't happen :) Firstly i want to develop and take my drawing skills and technique as high as i can, then i really want to take this further to strengthen my passion and current ability for digital art/painting.
I'l give a brief overview about me, i'm 21 and graduated from uni with a 2:1 in games design in the summer which was an incredibly fun and proud time for me, prob the best 3years of my life so far. I was brought up so to speak in a 'concrete jungle' surrounded by Alcoholics and drug addicts, none associated with my family but i happened to be brought up in the centre of Brighton UK, and is prob typical in centre of most Cities. I was the only one in my area to go firts to college, then pack my bags and study at uni. I have been brought up without financial support and by my single parent mum who made me believe i could go to uni etc, and so i did!
Anyway midway through my second year at uni i discovered digital art, for games and magazines etc. And instantly fell in love with the art and i thought to myself that if there was anything in the world that i whish i could be as good at, it would be to become a great artist, one whos art is seen in magazines, books and teaches others with his knowledge and skill. This begun as a dream also when i was younger as i loved to draw, but i have never consistently 'drawn' each day until maybe my third year at uni. I studied Graphic design and illustrataion at college when i was 16 and had my first few life drawing lessons then, which i loved, but since then i have had none, and at uni we were taught 3-d, not 2-d art. So i didn't really develop any drawing skill until i picked up the torch myself in my third year and begun to set it alight!
I wanted my 'honours' uni project to be a personal journey for me to do concept art, but it became a character project which i really enjoyed. Since i graduated, i have been reaching out looking for advice, whilst practicing art at home. I'm currently unemployed but as a choice to help spur my art develpment forwards. I know it will take a long time but i know this is what i want, as i enjoy it so much so this is where it begins again for me. Right now i have time oin my hands and i want to utilise it as well as i can whilst keeping young and still living my life! I can use the time i have now as a full time job to spearhead my development and that is what i want. I have already begun from a couple of weeks ago, so I will post my latest sketches up here, i have already begun so on the Imagine fx sketchbook, but not much crit there so i have decided to try CGtalk and considering concept too. But for now i'm here and am welcome to any criticism and advice, really i want it and to help guide me on my journey. So this is it, i will be updating regularly i promise :)

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01 January 2009, 06:33 PM
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