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01 January 2009, 04:47 PM
Hello there, the following are screen-shots of my first unguided attempt on the human body. Could I get any critique about it? My main concern is the mesh topology(of which I'm not very clear). Could I proceed with it in modeling the arms and the rest of the body?
Thanks a lot in advance.

01 January 2009, 04:35 AM
Good start, but you don't have to form the edges in such a technical way. You can get the same affect if you just line them up in rows.

Notice what I did. Just keep it nice and simple. Keep it up!

01 January 2009, 09:33 AM
Sorry, but I can't agreee with ICESPADE. I think the Edgeloops should follow the anatomy as closely as possible. This way you can get maximum details with a minimum of polygons. You will also get better deformation when animating.

The front of your torso looks quite good, but you have to work a bit on the back. There are some edgeloops to many. These will generate a quite bumpy mesh when smoothing. I think you should get rid of the red marked edges and cut the green ones.

01 January 2009, 03:46 PM
I agree that his work flow should follow the anatomy, but he should not worry about tying to get all of his design out of his base mesh. Just get the major forms down first. Edge loops are fine and like Piflik said, "There are some edge loops to many". Less is better. Keep at it~ Bless

01 January 2009, 04:29 PM
Thanks a lot ICESPADE and Piflick. I'll follow your advices.
Will continue with the arms now though I'll have to do a lot of guess work; As you see the hands in the front underlay are represented wrongly. So I'll have to rely on guessing. Will post the results for your critique again. Thank you once again.

05 May 2009, 11:24 PM
That's looking pretty good for an unguided attempt, you're forming muscle groups with your spans which is a concept people new to modeling sometimes have a hard time picking up.

There's quad (Yellow Edges) that would normally be no problem but is in a place that a model like this would probably deform and may cause the vertices there to do some strange stuff.

Id get rid of one of the spans feeding in to it and just have them go straight across the mid abdomen.

There's also a common span flow that many people use for the pectoral / shoulder area. I'd recommend taking the existing edge (Green Edges) and making it leave the armpit and go up and around to the mid-outer area of the shoulder. (Green Edges)

Looks good though again, and none of these I'd say are critical modifications; just some I'd do if I were modeling that. =)


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05 May 2009, 11:24 PM
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