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06 June 2003, 05:14 PM
Hi folks!

I have tried using IK lately, for Character Animation, using the figure primitive for animation excercise. When I convert this figure into a polygoin Object, it is setup for animation with IK tags.

This is all well and nice for my uses, since I am very newbie to IK animation, and can test my abilities on it.

However, I can't seem to stop his feet from sliding when making a walkcycle, and also I can't get him to bend properly. I now understand that I will have to set up my own rig to get him to bend at the knees and so on, when I move his joints about, for exampkle into a squat.

Are there any GREAT rigging tutorials for Cinema that you people know about, that shows the tips and the tricks needed to do good IK-rigging?

Im posting this in the c4d forum as well!


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