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06 June 2003, 05:11 PM
This is a concept of what I think a marine will look like in 30 years. I made it in Photoshop; it took about 3 & 1/2 hours or so to finish. I did post this on other forums but never got any, or any real good response. I've been struggling with painting in Photoshop for a while (getting frustrating); any and all tips are more than welcome.

1) First is the sketch. In the sketch I drew the full body and included a type of camo-cape.

2) Next picture is of the marine almost done with a simple background of the original sketch. I also took the Camo-cape off.

3) At first I tried to make a huge background scene. In the end I didn't like how it came out so I started to make a simpler one.

4) At this point I finished the marine up, and added a background. Originally the background was a bit sharper than the foreground. After taking the advice of a few people I blurred it a bit.

Well thatís were I'm at right now. I'm looking to try to make a decent piece for my portfolio, so again any tips or crits will help.

06 June 2003, 08:48 PM
There are several things to point out for crits...
I'll try and get to all of em and be brief..

First off, the original sketch..
You are beggining out with really sloppy linework.. eventually this leads to sloppy lines in the final painting.. I would suggest spending more time on the lines and getting a really clean first image to base your painting off of..
Along with that there are some anatomy problems and issues which you should take care of from the beggining... The left arm (our right) seems really weird.. the forearm and bicept are very strange looking..

Im not sure what your doing with the second image but again with the sloppiness of the lines the second image looks bad but mostly because of the color you have chosen for the background.. It in no way fits in with the colors of the marine..

the third images background has many problems which i see you have dropped for the final.. but what the 3rd pic has over the 4th pic is the fact that you painted the background.. It seems you didn't spend as much time on that background as you did with the marine.. but it actually works with the marine because the styles are similar... The marine actually looks like he fits into the scene...

The last images background doesn't fit the marine at all.. and compositionally it is extremely weak... I have done a sloppy PO which is included below... I have cropped the image... The problem with the image you have is that the marine doesn't seem to be the center of focus because there is so much dead space above him... Also doing the 3d background doesn't fit the style of the marine at all.. You could do the same type of background but spend the time to paint it to get a more unified look..

As for the marine...
The concept is fairly well done ... there are some things I like and some I don't but thats more personal opinion so I'll leave that out..
As far as the rendering of the image... The first thing I notice is how sloppy the image looks.. but that is due to the sloppy linework as stated above.. Also the image is muddy... The biggest mistake is using black as shadows.. It looks as though you burnt the shadows in Photoshop.. This is a huge mistake.. Shadows are made up of cooler colors than the light source... Always paint in the Shadows.. with some color.. also never dodge the highlights for the same reason .. highlights are made up of colors.. paint those in as well... This will make a more believable image overall.. Also the white you have on the goggles is really way too stark.. You have also used white highlights on the knife.. yet everywhere else your highlight and lights source color seems to be more yellow... different materials have different color highlights but keep in mind the light source color for a mix... I have done an extremely quick starting render on the left side of the image.. notice the color in the shadows... which make the image seem less muddy... Now this in no way is a great rendering but just there to show you shadows that are not black...

anyway... gotta run I hope this helps some...
so much for keeping it short...


06 June 2003, 02:35 PM
Now that's what I'm talking about, excellent comments road. I really appreciate the comments, and will try to keep them in mind on my next piece. You definitely hit the mark on a bunch of topics. I usually try to do a quick sketch and figure I'll clean the problems up later. With the shadow thing to, yes I use dodge and burn too much, just seems easier than coloring. I get too impatient, and try to finish to quickly. Like I said I've been struggling with Photoshop coloring for a while now, but at least now I know what some of my problems are. Thanks again for the excellent comments.

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