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01 January 2009, 08:46 PM
An amazing new Cinema 4D only model site launches at midnight (GMT) tonight and the team are offering all members of a 15% discount off EVERYTHING until the end of February 2009. Just by entering the following code (without quote marks) "HSc6tJu" when checking out, all cgsociety members will enjoy a 15% discount on their purchase. If they use the code to buy XL Club membership, that will entitle them to a massive 25% saving on anything bought before the end of February!!

The site has a modest start but aims to grow into being THE place to come for high quality, xpresso controlled models and will soon incorporate MoGraph, Hair, Dynamics and Thinking Particles specific models. It will soon include fully xpresso controlled vehicles (wheels, doors etc.), modular buildings and some stunning special effects.

The aim of the site is to have only ONE of every model and it will be the highest possible quality. It will have xpresso control where necessary, pre-built animations where necessary, high resolution on-line previews, flash animations on-line, high quality textures and shaders and a detailed PDF which explains how to adapt the model to your own needs.

What's more, any C4D user can submit their model or collection for sale!! If the quality is high enough (important!) the model will be accepted and will be hosted on the site as part of a collection. Those who submit will get very, very good percentage rates on each sale of their model or collection and the team at c4dcreations will take care of the on-line renders, flash animations and PDF documents. This percentage is even higher if users add their own xpresso tags.

Please check out the site tonight (Sunday 19th January 2009) from midnight GMT. It's going to be the most exciting thing to happen to Cinema 4D since R11!!

Thank you all,
The C4DCreations team.

01 January 2009, 05:22 PM
It's going to be the most exciting thing to happen to Cinema 4D since R11!!

I seriously doubt that.

01 January 2009, 05:37 PM
I seriously doubt that.

He he he, you're quite right, it's marketing speak, but so far (and certainly at the point of posting) it is actually true. Unless you can think of something more exciting that's happened to C4D SINCE (and that's the key word) the release of R11, that is! ;)

Thanks for looking,

All the best,


01 January 2009, 11:31 PM
Some very cool models you have in there, hopefully people find them useful.

01 January 2009, 11:38 PM
Thanks Hilt! And it will get even better.

Kind regards,


02 February 2009, 01:44 PM
Hey, we've had great success during our launch and still some people are complaining about prices!!! Tush! What do you all want - half price models or something?

OK, then. February only, mind. That's right - prices are down by 35% for February (as a thankyou) AND the discount code listed above (HSc6tJu) is still valid for a further 15% off that. Just hit "checkout" and, on the next page, paste the above code into the discount box.

That, by my reckoning, gives you around 50% off during february.

Also, wireframe previews and poly counts are now on the site by request.

Hey, we listen!

Thank you all.

02 February 2009, 03:36 PM
Would be nice to be able to load the model somehow after payment ;)

02 February 2009, 03:39 PM
Hi Hilt,

You've lost me...? Have you had a problem? If so, we will sort it for you immediately.

Please let me know!



02 February 2009, 03:47 PM
Ah nevermind, it just took a moment for the site to update after payment =)
All is swell now, thanks.

02 February 2009, 07:51 PM
Looks very impressive and I wish you all the luck!


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02 February 2009, 07:51 PM
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