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12 December 2001, 03:25 AM

i made this head in cinema4d for testing skin-shaders....and more

can you give me some advice and critique?

12 December 2001, 01:36 PM
what type of adv/crit are you looking for, on your modelling, or how you acheived your skin shader? My experiance with Cinema is 100% nil, so I'll try to go by experiance with other poggies :D.
The model looks good, possibly a little to "simple" if you get my drift, not simple simple, but there could be a couple creases in there, you know, give her a lower eyelid, I am really impressed with the jaw, chin, and lips area, and the ears are way better than I could model :D (shh dont tell anyone) but i'll tell you this, you do need more work on the eyes and outside edges of the nostrils.

as for the skin shader, I think the shadows are too harsh on the face, the freckle effect looks really good on the forehead, but it needs a suttle bumpmap, and/or a specular maps, try adding those, they (imo) will work wonders.
the shader looks great ffor a base coat, I would suggest adding those 2 more maps, then tweak them a bit, then post here again.

but it defenatly looks like you got poential!

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