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01 January 2009, 02:21 AM
Hi everyone.

Last year i've been pretty busy doing this project. Most of my free time was spent here, in this movie. But it was really nice, i learned so many things.
I want to share some process here and i hope some critics =)
I worked with Guilherme Miranda.
We had help from Thiago Cordeiro (music), Marcos Yuji ( (he animated some shots when time was tight ^^ ), Julio de Modesti ( and Magno Borgo ( (lots and lots of questions we made ^^)

So, here we go.

It was really difficult to create a story. We chose this story because we couldn't spent more time just thinking. We had about 10 months to produce the film and we didn't know too much about 3D.
The story is basically 2 aliens who need each other to survive and they have some problem that breaks the harmony of their system.

We have two characters on this story.
The first one strong and a little dumb, and the other small and sarcastic.

We named the first one Rucko. Here are some concepts:

We realized that these ideas had to many details to create a 3D model. We're still beginners and we had our deadline to finally finish college, so we decided to simplify the character:

And we chose this one:

For the small one, we started with simple concepts. His name is Zaph.

And the chosen one was:

They live in a little system with 2 planets. Each one has his planet and they have some machines to collect asteroids, where they find their food.
Here are the concepts:

01 January 2009, 02:55 AM
This post is getting to big that i decided to divide it in 2.

I really liked this part. It was not so difficult, i had already modelled a few things in the company i worked. And i had already tried a few things on my own.

I modelled Rucko:

Here's the turnaround model: link. (

And my partner modelled Zaph:

Zaph turnaround link. (

And here are the little planets:

Planets turnaround link. (

We tried to make it simple. We just painted the skin colors. And we changed some values to make de specular and dump.
Just for the machines we used some reflections. And an architectural material for the lights.

This was the most difficult part. I don't know how to rig today. We made the rigging watching a video tutorial and doing exactly the same thing. Of course we had to adjust to our characters, but we couldn't make anything out of this tutorial, a stretchy arm for example. I found some tutorials and i made a stretchy arm out of the model. But our models had so many parameters in their arms that it was impossible to apply that simple stretch system. The good thing is that the leg has strech. =)

Storyboard and Animatic.
Very cool part to make visual our script. =)

Animatic link. (

This is another difficult part.
I can say that the animation is really far away from where we want to get. But i'm happy because it was my first experience animating characters, and this is so funny. =)
I know some basic principles of animation because i'm working on a 2D movie, so i could make a better animation than a robot movement =)
But again, we know that we have a long way to run.
That is the reason i'm posting this process here, in the hope of some feedback.
To know what is wrong, why .... what could be better.

It was basically add the background.
And then put all scenes together.

I didn't talk about render, but we just put a skylight and on MR Spot Light to be the sun.
We worked on 3Dmax.

And here's the link for the movie >>> MOVIE. (

Hope you like.
Critics are welcome. =)
Sorry about any english mistake.

01 January 2009, 07:21 PM
Hello, Laurentino!

I had to post to let you know that I think this came out VERY well. There was one small "frame glitch," but the overall animation is very charming. You did a good job of covering up the arm movement issue.

Please do update with your grade for this project, and also, please add the link for the movie to your 2d WIP/Critique thread. I am sure the members of that forum would enjoy the results of your efforts as much as I did.

Well done!

01 January 2009, 01:07 AM
Hi Fi,

What nice post !!
I really like of the concepts, it's so sad to have to choose just one ! :thumbsup:

Great job with the video !!
Very cool on his part to share the process.

Cheers ; )

01 January 2009, 09:48 PM
CybrGfx - i'm really happy you liked. =)
i have already posted this link on that thread ... thanks for the encouragement.

JulioDeModesti - thanks a lot.
i liked a lot the concepts either ... if i could i'd use all of them. =)
and thanks for the help =)

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01 January 2009, 09:48 PM
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