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01 January 2009, 01:45 AM

We, the "Call of Duty: Future of War" team are looking for talented 3D modellers.
This mod is developed for the game "Call of Duty: World at War".

The mod can be played as a co-op or singleplayer.
The story is based in the future (the year 2125) on a planet similar to Earth, the planet is divided into 2 Governments.
There is a massive war between these Governments, and you (or multiple players) can participate in the adventure as trained soldiers.

Comprehensive information about the mod is not intended for the public and accessible only by team members.

Our team consists of a management team, level designers, scripters, 3D modellers, animators and other positions such as writers and sound specialists.
All of our teammembers are well familiar with the Call of Duty series, most of us since the release of Call of Duty 1, our team has the best of the best when it comes to things like scripting and level design.
One of our scripters is employed at the company Treyarch (creators of Call of Duty: World at War) this person is also in our management team.

We expect you can communicate through the English language (atleast so we can understand you).

We offer:

- A secure FTP/SVN server where you can save all your work / backup and so on.
- A forum (no advertising) accessible only by team members (when we have final media we will design a website for the public)
- A talented and motivated team who have extensive experience in their task.

There's alot of work in progress, this work is not final and will not be published to the public, however if you are in the team you will have access to all this media.

For a long time, there has been a serious shortage of active and motivated 3D modellers who have experience with 3D modeling.
As a 3D modeller you don't need to have a relationship with Call of Duty: World at War, we provide extensive information with pictures that you as modeller have to make to (preferably with texture), the importing of this model to the game is done by ourselves.

These are the kind of models you can expect (in future style):

- Seats
- Tables
- Lamps
- Street Lights
- Recycle Bin
- Kitchen accessories

This is only a fraction of what we require, you can choose what you want to make unless it's chosen already by another, you may decide how the model will look like as long as it meets our requirements.
For us it is important that you are active, our team is working on the mod every day and has no time for in-active members that come up with 1 model per month, we need pace in it.

It's not a rule to be active every day, but give us some kind of 'deadline' for the models, so we know there's actual work on the way, if you haven't shown us any work after a large amount of time you will be kicked without warning.

This mod is non-profit and you do not have to pay to be on the team.


E-mail/msn: CoDNerd [at] hotmail [dot] com
XFIRE: codnerdxfire

We hope that you are interested in a position as 3D modeller!

Manager 'Call of Duty: Future of War'

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01 January 2009, 01:45 AM
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