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05 May 2002, 07:41 PM
The question is what game developers are using for cloth simulation! I mean the cloth is simulated and then baked to the keys which then are used in blendshapes(morphing)?
Is there any possibility to make simulation with bones?Somehow transfering simulated cloth vertexes keys to the bones or somehow?


05 May 2002, 09:47 PM
I did a bunch of tests to see if it was feasable to import vertex-baked Reactor animations from Max 4.2 to Serious Sam but it turns out to be both more trouble than it's worth and too costly as the engine has to track all the movements of all the verticies which is necessarily alot if you actually want to get a reasonable looking simulation. It's mostly a CPU bottleneck. Turns out it's much much cheaper to have bones implemented as an integrated part of your engine because it saves cpu cycles when you're simply tracking bones and not per vert.

So I bothered the lead animator here ( and he found a much better/cheaper solution which was to take advantage of the fact that you can use pretty much any object as a bone in max...he created three spheres and three splines, make the spheres the bones and path-constrained them to the splines. It's kinda hard to visualize based on that description but it looks as convincing as a reactor simulation and only costs three bones to implement (in terms of engine resouces).

Dunno if that was any use, just some experiences.

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