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06 June 2003, 12:02 PM
Hi everybody!
So im gonna try this place out
This new crits place.
Anyways, here is a model i've been working on. I know about the fives and the tris i will get rid of them as soon as i have completed the basic model and know how to get rid of them bastards :P

Here is the latest render:
Here is the latest wireframe:
Here is A Higher Resolution Pic of the Wireframes (

Softwares used:
3DSMax 5.1
Photoshop 7.0
Modelingteq.: Editable Poly

Here is the original WIP-thread of this guy (

Thanks for your crits and comments :)

06 June 2003, 10:04 PM
well first off, I really like this character so far, the mdoelinglooks great and clean,

i think if you work on the abs and the rib cage a bit more, they look almsot like they start to high, and are a bit squared off,

Can we get a closeup on the hands? They looks great and I would like to see them a little close.

colar bone loosk a little to straight, but this is a great start here, and I think others should chime in with more helpfull crits.

good work thus far, cant wait to see more.

06 June 2003, 10:43 PM
First of all, it looks good.
Second : the edgeloop on my pics in red shoul be put higher (in green), over the nostrils, just try to look angry in front of a mirror and you will see what I mean.
Third : it depends on the people, but often is the "pomme d'adam" (Adam's apple ? :surprised ) more higher (it doesn't bothe a lot)

Could we have a smooth view of the back ?

06 June 2003, 11:37 PM I really like the anatomy in this one particularly the insertion of the arms into the chest. The arm muscles and the face. Very nice.
The back anatomy seems like it could use some work. The bones connecting from the shoulder to the back seem low plus they actually don't really look like what they are supposed to be. My suggestion would be to look at Loomis' illustration of the landmarks of the back and compare them to the landmarks in the back of your model.
This is slightly unrelated and or off topic. Did you actually place all those rows of polys on the chest of the character. I'm always thinking from the standpoint of effeciency(character artist for video games) and it seems like there are a ton of polys for the sake of a ton of polys at least in certain areas. I'd be interested on what other people have to say about this.

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