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01 January 2009, 02:31 AM
i know a lot of this is relative, but it still seams to be going over my head. i'm trying to get a final image for the steampunk challenge, the final size of my image doesn't seem right. by the standards, my image should be more than ~600kb. i would think 10x that or more, i forget what size i had for the last one but i used bryce for that. this is my first actual render using xsi and as much as i go through the docs i can't find an answer. i'm sure it's something simple i'm overlooking but if anyone could smack me upside the head and point me in the right direction i'd be most drateful.

01 January 2009, 04:03 AM
Your problem is very vague right now.

What file extension are you using? Softimage .pic?

The file size can be reduced by compression on a .jpg or similar format. You can do that with many apps, but most people prefer Photoshop.

I don't know if that helps you...

01 January 2009, 04:30 AM
sorry for being vague, too many things running through my head right now. i originally tried to render to .tif but locked up @ 84% of fg. i made a smaller render, whatever the default is, 740x?. then saved the fg map. 3rd time with the saved map i got an error, right of the bat but didn't look at it. this time it said it was rendering, but there was no progress in the render screen. eventually it locked up or crashed again, that was when i fiirst got up this morning and wasn't awake enough to remember what the problem was. started again only this tme i switched to .jeg since that was all i needed now for the challenge and had the whole pc crash on me. finally got an image done and like i said, the file size is too small for what it should be.

my settings are basically default except for what i had to change to try to meet the requirements of the challenge. i'm trying again but it'll be another hr or 2 before it's done and i can post my settings. is there something in particular i should be looking at? there are way more options than i'm used to in xsi.

regardless, thank you for the time to try to help me.

peace, kirk

did one of us misunderstand? it just hit me that you were asking if i wanted to reduce the file size. i was thinking it was too small to begin with. considering my scene size is 80mb, i would expect a render that will satisfy the challenge requirements to be more than 600kb. maybe it's just stress and ignorance?

01 January 2009, 05:32 AM
here's what i have my settings at. sorry if this comes out big, maybe i'm just being paranoid about my entry after seeing this in preview?

01 January 2009, 07:01 PM
1) I would render out to a lossless format like .pic or .bmp

Then after ther render is finished you can open the flipbook (or your favorite image editing program), load your clip/image and then Save Picture as JPG for example with the compression/quality level YOU select. Notice that when you do this from the flipbook, the default quality is 75% - i.e. the JPG is lossy compressed -> not sure if this is also the default when you render directly to JPG, if so then it explains nicely why your image is 600kb and not larger considering the 3636x2657 resolution

2) Your Render Manager shows Anti-Alias 0 to 2. Most would perhaps select 1 to 3 for the final beauty pass as well as a lower Sampling contrast than 0.2 say 0.1 with diminishing returns below that compared to added rendertime. However there is no need to use that setting for the GI and FG passes. Use -2 to 0 instead as shown in the free tutorial here

3) If you are having memory problems think of enabling importons in GI - it doesn't look like they make much of a difference to the image, but they will greatly reduce the GI map size. Default settings for Importons are high quality, so leave at default.

4) Also check your setting for textures Preferences > Rendering > Management type > Use from disk uses less memory then load into memory.

5) I've seen that the Renderer > Renderer Options > Memory Limit (mental ray) default of 1023 actually made a large render crash instead of completing. Deselecting the Enable setting made it complete, but I guess it could depend on your scene complexity.

01 January 2009, 07:39 PM
I would render out in a float .tiff if you can.

I find sample setting very relative to the type of render, it's size, and the use of the render. AA settings are often the LAST thing you should touch when trying to optimize a scene. Optimize everything else (ray count per shader, lights shadows, number of lights, image sizes, image formats (if they are large use .map) etc.- then start at lower sample settings and work your way to get what you need. If you're scene has a predominate color, then use slightly different sampling per color channel.

If you are experiencing morea patterns due to high frequency textures at glancing angles, then be sure again to check out the .map file format and elliptical filtering.

Your filter is VERY important for this too- and there is a lot of inter play between what AA settings you want and what filter you need.

Too many people default the the brute force method of crancking up samples when there are issues.

First time using XSI and you've already gone for FG!? Well maybe you've gotten use to it somewhere else, but you might want to try just using AO and traditional lighting techniques with shadowmaps. I find it very reliable esp. if you're not doing a product render or arch viz- this IMHO is the way to go first in many instances. Look for the ctrl.occlusion addon online- it's a real nice AO plugin to work with esp. since it has directional settings and lots of sampling choices etc.

That said- you can easily get large renders to render in XSI using FG- you just have to optimize several things etc. I've done print sized FG renders on a machine with 768MB RAM...wasn't fast, but it did render!

01 January 2009, 08:30 PM
thanks for your replies. at least i have another week now instead of only a couple hours. you have given me a bunch to think about and i can soak it all in now.

i have no chance at even coming close to winning the challenge, so for me it's more of a personal challenge. i can learn a lot more by trying to go beyond what i'm capable of than playing it safe. if that makes sense?

thanks again for the tips.

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