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01 January 2009, 03:15 PM
Hi all.

I've been working on some rigs and wanted some C&C. I don't know a lot of riggers in Montreal so that's why I'm posting here. ( Here's a youtube playlist of my work. The most recent rig (which is still a work in progress) is the robot.

So what do you think?


01 January 2009, 09:46 PM
I'm sory I don't have much time tonight, yet I looked at the Demo Reel.

Here some hints that might improve the reel.

0.08 : Always make sure that the feature you are showing is relevant, showing the you can rotate the jaw doesn't showcase much rigging skill, so it's useless to show it ( in a demo reel ) When you'll make your demo reel with all the rigs in it, you should focus on showing only the features that show that you understand the principles of rigging. Showing too basic features will be like '' Ok so this guy can follow some rigging tutorials all right''.

0.20 & 0.37 : The feet should have independant rotations ( they should not rotate when you move the leg or the IK Angle ) the purpose of having an IK system is to have contacts ( ex keeping the foot on the ground ) so if the foot rotates when you move the leg, it will go trough the ground and the animator will have to conter-animate ( which is something you don't want if you want the animators to be your friends )

1.06 : Don't waste time showing the same feature over and over again, after seeing the first finger rig when can asume that the other fingers are rigged the same way, you don't need to show the rig for each finger.

The Animaton Part : If you are looking for a Rigging job I would remove the animation part, don't get me wrong it's a great thing to have some animations in your reel showing that your rigs are animable, yet, the animation quality might give a negative impression on the overall reel, you don't want to miss a Rigging oportunity because of an ''ok'' animation in your reel.

Keep up working and trying some new things ! It's the only way to get better at such things :P

01 January 2009, 12:31 AM
Yeah the rigging&animation demo reel is pretty old and full of those errors... I should probably remove it and remake the dragon rig (that one was the first rig I ever made).

If you have time later this week, you should check the other videos, they are much more recent and the rigs are much more complex. I might redo my screen-cap for the jester though. I showed the rotation of the jaw in it and may have taken too long on the fingers.

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate the help.

p-s I just realised... You work at Ubisoft Montreal? It's funny because I've been trying to get a job there since I gratuated from the NAD center. Well, I know what to work on now!

01 January 2009, 04:18 PM
So, no one else has anything to say? Come on don't be shy I don't bite! ;)

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