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01 January 2009, 10:27 PM
This website has helped me in so many ways! I genuinely trust your judgement and advice.

My issue is I have money to blow on a new computer program and would like to buy one for posing naked figures.
I want to buy a 3D figure program where I can pose the naked figures any way I want from any direction or perspective camera angle POV. I would also like to customize the figures so they appear as "skinny" or "fat" as I like. I would prefer if these body parts could be customizable via point and click and their proportions can reach rather extreme limits (ex. Small head, Small shoulders, small breast, thin hourglass waist, rediculously thick hips and legs, small feet)!

The purpose of this is I find it hard to sketch various poses from my head/taken from reference on the internet and would like to use 3D figures as a "guide" for the 2D character figures I intend to draw.

In no way do I want to create real-to-life looking characters that I will use in Animation, and in no way do the characters have to look "pretty". As long as I can create custom body types and mix and match, as well as have their muscles or fat respond upon weight and counteracting surfaces (ex. 300 pound women sitting on the floor cross-legged), then I am happy.

I love to draw projects of people in "action" and I found the usual posing books of real living naked humans too generic and boring for my needs. So I figure I am willing to bend and mold my own figures appropriately and simply pencil on paper them as if I were looking at a real life posing standstill figure.

I am thinking of buying a program like Poser 7, however I am interested to hear community input of this program and if it is appropriate, or if there are other programs that will do what I want.

Once again I thank you all for any help. Although money is not an issue, my computer is not a super computer or anything. It has an Nvidia card and enough memory to allow a program like this to run. Just nothing super huge or anything.

Thank you.


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01 January 2009, 10:27 PM
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