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01 January 2009, 02:38 AM
Hey guys,

I've been playing around with Maxscripting a little bit and I came up with this simple tool to save incrementally named renders (office_001, office_002) with the click of a button.

As I say I'm very new to the world of programming and maxscripting, but I'm totally addicted. I'm fully aware there are gaping wounds and issues with the script, but as a 1 day project it was a bit of fun, and it's all helping me get to grip with proper syntax and commenting.

I would advise against ever using it in a production environment as I haven't really tested it properly, but if people could have a look I'd be very interested in hearing some comments/critiques on my technique and syntax.

Cheers guys,

-- Incremental Render Toolbar v1.0 by Gary Boyle
-- A very simple script to create a dockable toolbar that allows a 1 button solution to incremental render saving
-- Select a directory using the 'S' button, every time you press the 'R' button a new jpg copy of your render will be saved in this location.
-- Please note that I am just beginning to learn Maxscripting and this script may not be the best solution to incremental saving. There are issues with the current script (it will only save as a jpg)
-- and I haven't done extensive testing of the script. Basically I'm just releasing it so that I can get some feedback on my scripting and hopefully it may help someone out there.
-- Please please don't use it on any important projects, as I say it is basically untested and I would hate to see anyone lose work because of my novice scripting!
-- Hopefully I will be able to update this script in the future.
-- If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to get in touch at
-- Cheers!
-- v.1

-- Known issues:
-- Currently only set to add a .jpg suffix to saved renders. Will probably crash if any other filetype is used.
-- May have issues if render number goes above 100.
-- Does not render with Vray VFB (due to vfb:true in render command). If vfb:false then it does use the Vray VFB but window dissapears after render.
-- Issues with Gamma and LUT if using LWF (probably related to Vray VFB issues).

macroscript Increment
toolTip:"Incremental Render"
GLOBAL Incfloatobject
rollout Incfloatobject "Increment"
GLOBAL CurrentRenderNumber = 001 as integer -- Base render number
LOCAL CurrentRenderLocation = rendOutputFilename -- Current render location under Render Output dialog (if applicable)

button Renderplus "R" across:3 pos:[10,8]
button setlocation "S" across:3 pos:[40,8]
editText renderlocation text:CurrentRenderLocation width:450 height:21 readonly:true across:3 pos:[70,8]
on Renderplus pressed do
loctemp = rendOutputFilename as string -- Save render location as a string
count = loctemp .count - 4 -- Count the length of location string and delete file extension
CurrentRenderNumber +=1 -- Increment the base number
StrCurrent = CurrentRenderNumber as string + ".jpg" -- Add base number to file location and add .jpg
newnumber=replace loctemp count 5 StrCurrent -- Replace end of location string with new base number
renderlocation.text = "" -- Clear edittext box
(renderlocation.text) = append(renderlocation.text) (newnumber) -- Put new location into edittext box
render outputfile:renderlocation.text vfb:true quiet:false progressbar:true -- Render image with current settings to output location

on setlocation pressed do
newlocation = getSaveFileName caption:"Select a Save Location" \ -- Open a new save file dialog (jpg and tga only, although this can be expanded)
renderlocation.text = "" -- Clear edittext box
(renderlocation.text) = append(renderlocation.text) (newlocation) -- Update edittext box
CurrentRenderNumber = 001 as integer -- Reset base render number
rendOutputFilename = renderlocation.text -- Update output filename variable
renderSceneDialog.update() -- Close and reopen render scene dialog (if dialog is open, changes won't be immediatly apparent)
createDialog Incfloatobject 550 35 -- Create new dialog (width and height numbers apply to my workspace, may need to be changed)
cui.RegisterDialogBar Incfloatobject -- Register dialog as dockable
cui.DockDialogBar Incfloatobject #cui_dock_top -- Dock to the top


01 January 2009, 07:19 PM
Nice work.. only one issue I see ( way minor ) is a global var for no reason.. You want to avoid using global vars, I dont see a reason for CurrentRenderNumber to be global... if you do want to access it from a global scope you can get there like this when the dialog is active.


Keep on MaxScript'n

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01 January 2009, 07:19 PM
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