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01 January 2009, 03:45 PM
Hi all!

Im creating educational materials for relationships and Im looking at how to improve my workflow and quality. My current workflow is this:
- Create Power Point with text and images
- Record sound and the powerpoint from screen with Camtasia and then edit in Camtasia Studio.
Possibly add some animations to Camtasia Studio.

The workflow is very fast with the above method, my big problem is that I think the results are boring. I would like to have more ambient animations, more sounds, a bit of music and maybe some cool intro/outro animations for each chapter.

Since I have knowledge of animation and sound I want to improve the quality by using other software that gives me more control. I would love to hear your suggestions!

Idea 1:
Use Camtasia just like before. But create some animations in After Effects and add these to the start and the end of the film, maybe on a few occations in the middle. This is good because its easy to do and I can keep most of the workflow in Camtasia. The downside is that the animations will not be that many and they cannot be at the same time as the text from Power Point.

Idea 2:
- Use After Effect for "everything".
Write the text in After effect and compose the pictures together with the text. Im a bit concerned how messy this will be if I have 40 "slides" in After Effects. Also I cut and paste a lot of the slides between different lectures, that seems like it could be more messy in AE.
- Create all animations. Maybe render some of them so the project wont be too complex.
- Record audio with a separate pro recorder to sd card, import audio and then sync the animations to the sound so the slides and speech match. This step seems a bit messy, since normally I would just have the power point in front of me and then I would record and get both image and sound at the same time timed together.

I would love to hear some more ideas from more experienced video gurus!

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01 January 2009, 03:45 PM
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