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01 January 2009, 10:51 PM
I'm an old user of Electric Image for much of my design and illustration work but as of late I'm finding support to be very lacking...if non-existant.

I use a pluggin called Mrs Bebel for alot of type's great when it works but in the last version of EI it brings down Camera ..and without any support it might be time to start looking for an alternative.

I'm wondering if LW has anything like it.

Basically it takes any poly object and creates a user-defined bevel on an extrusion. Simple procedure but surprisingly few apps actually can do this....or so simply. I'm looking for more than a typical 'simple' bevel.

I've noticed considerable life occuring with Lightwave recently so thought to ask here.

Here is an image of the procedure...hopefully the image shows up. If not I guess one will have to copy and paste it into a browser window...and in that case, sorry for the extra trouble.

And thanks for any recomendations.

01 January 2009, 03:42 AM
Look like VertiBevel to me:
a third party plugin.
be sure to check the how lightwave modeler eat your fonts. Since lw8, modeler is a bit buggy with non-truetype fonts. (sometimes we have to do the boolean by hand when the letter have an hole...)
good luck

01 January 2009, 02:30 PM
There is also Bevel++ which is cheaper but does a very good job.
Depending upon the text, it may also be possible to do it simply using MultiShift within LW itself.

01 January 2009, 05:39 PM
Thanks very much......both look quite good. Do you know if Vertibevel solves 'crossing polys' as Bevel++ does?

01 January 2009, 12:59 AM
Hi Paul

Bevelled text in Lightwave requires a bit more work than in EIAS. It is important to really clean up the flat text polygons before extruding & bevelling. It may be worth looking at Zaxwerks ProModeller or ProAnimator which exports to Lightwave's lwo format and comes into lightwave Layout very cleanly with basic UV mapping intact. I have not experienced any issues using mrs bebel in EIAS but I'm using the PPC version - are you refering to just the UB version?


01 January 2009, 01:19 AM
Thanks for the info.

I probaby should look at Zax's stuff...I just wanted to be able to stay within one environment but the more 3D I do, the less that seems to be the case. Max has all the tools I need but upgrading from V5.x is more than I am willing to spend. Max's curve editor and spline bevel pluggin are exactly what I need though.

Bebel and EI 6.5 PPC work just fine for me but Bebel and EI 7.0 PPC cause constant crashing.

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01 January 2009, 01:19 AM
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