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12 December 2008, 05:53 AM
Alright, I'm setting up pole vectors for my character's arms (which are already set up with IK/FK switch) and when I change the IK on the arm to a rotational plane solver, the arm goes all inverted, which is usually solved by constraining it to a locater with pole vector, but it is leaving the arm in a new position. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/know how to fix it?

12 December 2008, 12:50 AM

Does anyone know why this is happening?

12 December 2008, 01:25 AM
Umm... Did you try setting the preferred angle before applying the IK solver. That is of course assuming your original chain for the IK is drawn straight. If that is not it, make sure your pole vector constraint has frozen transforms on it. Thats really all I can think of at the moment, sorry if it is no help.

12 December 2008, 05:10 PM
You could possibly play with the twist and offest attributes. It depends on how its twisting. But, if you originally made the IK as a SC solver, I would say start again. They are not too hard to setup, but its always good to have a clean scene. Make it an RP solver from the get go, then you can add the pole vector.

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12 December 2008, 05:10 PM
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